Squash City: When Triple H Hit The Sickest Pedigree Of All-Time

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Ah man. Shout outs to Fes Ashburn for reminding me of this solid nugget of gold.

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I'll never forget being a ten year old rascal and watching this -- one of my favorite moments in squash match history. 

A deflated ME comes home from a church visit against my will, and get to watch WWF Superstars. June 1996, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley is on the screen. He'd fallen off a bit due to his de-push after the Curtain Call incident, which YA BOY hadn't a clue about. I knew he wasn't losing to Marty Garner, though. 

Garner had an okay showing, and saw a couple of nice reversals. It wasn't long until he ate a high knee and the sickest f--king Pedigree you'll ever see. Garner thought he was going to be suplexed. He wasn't.

We'll just make this a recurring theme. He knew at this moment that he....

Triple H was a made man in my book. I'd never witnessed a more devastating move. I'd imagine it didn't really do him any favors in the midst of his Curtain Call punishment. I don't think Triple H has ever discussed the move, but it made the "Slam of the Week!," dammit. 

Garner, fortunately would go on to live. He wrestled for OMEGA, and even faced MVP in Montel Vontavius Porter's first televised match a decade later. This came after a brief ECW run, and alleged appearances on daytime talk shows referencing the incident. I haven't seen any of those, though.

That version of the Pedigree would actually be featured in a few WWE video games to a degree, because it kicked ass.


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