SRS Before Dishonor: ROH Death Before Dishonor Match Ratings, Analysis

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Rhio: Mad Kurt Was The Best Class Clown That You Could Ever Wish To See On A Show

Top Contender Match
Briscoes & Bully Ray defeated Kingdom

  • ROH could really stand to publish some Youtube promos for a PPV.
  • I thought it was clever that TK refused to do the spot that broke his leg
  • I have a tough time getting behind Taven's matches. It always seems like he's trying to be someone besides himself.
  • Bully Ray called out TK for tweeting. It's little things like that could add a new dimension to the match or a little angle. I like that.
  • A safe Doomsday Device gets it done.
  • Jay Briscoe is teasing dissension, and they wrestle later. A good touch to look forward to tonight.
  • Jay Briscoe cracks TK with a chair. The Briscoes are so good, so interesting. The addition of Bully fits.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Bullet Club are looking for Hangman Page. It's a great idea to incorporate Being The Elite style stuff. 

Marty Scurll defeated Chuckie T.

  • Chuck Taylor apparently had no idea his name would be Chuckie T in ROH before this week.
  • Scurll heeling fans on Too Sweet attempts is funny.
  • Few rival Chuckie's facial expressions mid-match.
  • Scurll gets the win. Fun. 

Las Vegas Street Fight
Punishment Martinez defeated Jay White

  • How did nobody discover Punishment Martinez before? Jay White has his number. 
  • A Las Vegas Street Fight. Those have picked up this month. White attacks Martinez with a chair.
  • A lot of big spots early on. A lot of big spots middle of the match. A lot of big spots at the end.
  • Martinez kicks out of the Kiwi Crusher.
  • Last Ride and Burning Hammer ON TO CHAIRS......kickout?
  • C'mon now. Kicking out of that in match 3? This is always my issue with ROH.
  • Martinez wins shortly after.
  • All these Las Vegas Street Fights haven't been very Vegas like. A lot of thumbtacks and no poker tables.

ROH Six Man Tag Team Championships
Bullet Club (c) defeated Briscoes & Bully Ray

  • Hangman Page is here! They really went all in with the Being The Elite tie in.
  • He hits a moonsault while duct taped up.
  • Jay lays out Ray and leaves. Bucks win.
  • Well okay. I dunno about getting Jay over as a heel in a program with Ray, but we'll see. Jay's a talented dude.

ROH TV Championship
Kenny King defeated KUSHIDA (c)

  • I consider KUSHIDA a top worker in the world. 
  • This match isn't a good style matchup for either guy, I don't think.
  • It's just a rough pairing early on. Fortunately it heats up mid-way through.
  • Crazy to think Kenny King is 36. Seems like yesterday he was on Tough Enough 2 and was robbed.
  • Kenny King has to wait for a KUSHIDA cross body press. That's never a good thing.
  • King gets the win and celebrates in the ring with his daughter. I wonder where he goes from here.

Last Man Standing
Silas Young defeated Jay Lethal

  • I love Silas Young's gimmick and I'm thrilled he's getting this chance. He was a big part of Dalton Castle's success in my opinion.
  • A supremely badass spot is Young telling Lethal to be a man and hit him with a strap.
  • Beer City Bruiser in the hizzouse. OH MY GOD HE MISSED A FROG SPLASH TO THE OUTSIDE THROUGH A TABLE. It breaks really, really well too.
  • As does the ringside table on a cutter through it from Lethal to Young. A couple of great back-to-back moments.
  • Lethal targets the always braced knee of Silas. Always great pyschology in that one. It's hard to not notice the brace.
  • Silas Young does the Lethal Injection! 
  • Silas is zip tying Lethal to the ladder!!!!! Brilliant.
  • Lethal and Silas fall through the table with Lethal zip tied to it!! Wow! Young wins!


ROH World Tag Team Championship
Motor City Machine Guns defeated Young Bucks (c) to win the ROH World Tag Team Titles

  • This is a 2010 TNA dream match and a 2017 ROH dream match. 
  • No reaction during the match early.
  • Matt Jackson gets dropkicked off Shelley's shoulders but lands on his feet. That was cool.
  • Made in Detroit -- beats War Machine, not Matt Jackson. I guess he's just tougher. That's the beauty and beats of pro wrestling. That can happen.
  • Superkick party all around and the ref ends up getting clocked. 
  • Addiction run in, but they get beaten up. They get back at it and break up a double Sharpshooter from the Bucks.
  • MCMG and Bucks work together to do a double Indytaker on Addiction!
  • There is a psychotic More Bang For Your Buck counter that I can't describe.
  • MCMG win, and Young Bucks show them respect. 
  • I want to continue to put over how genius it was to create, market, and keep "The Elite" name.

ROH World Championship
Cody (c) (w/ Brandi Rhodes) defeated Minoru Suzuki

  • I'm so excited to see how Suzuki reacts to the Ring of Honor ring. He does so accordingly.
  • I was under the impression the Ring replaced the title belt, but Cody has both. 
  • Cody has overcome the "three star cody" stigma with his match with Okada (or the 5.75-6.25 Cody if you follow these, ya dig) bit has fallen back into it a bit. Still, I think he's one of the best characters in the world and fits so well as a heel in NJPW and ROH.
  • Cody Rhodes just applied a YES Lock on Suzuki, followed by YES points.
  • This ends rather abruptly, and Cody wins. Hm. 
  • Rhodes puts the ring on Suzuki's mouth and makes him kiss it. 
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