SRS' G1 Special Night 2, Slammiversary Notes, Ratings, More

KUSHIDA, Jushin Liger & Finlay defeated Sho Tanaka, Yohei Komatsu & Yoshi Tatsu

  • The crowd is hot, and into the ref.
  • KUSHIDA is a very special worker. 
  • Jim Ross calls Tempura the Teriyaki Boyz. The commentary is terrible right now. 
  • Tanaka had a sweet double wristlock reversal with Komatsu. SICK
  • Babyfaces win.
Gunn Club vs. Varsity Blonds Announced For 8/17 AEW Dynamite, Updated Card

Kenny Omega defeated Jay Lethal
United States Title Tournament

  • Omega boots Lethal and attacks his ribs after trying to ease off of him. 
  • These two get RIGHT into it. 
  • Kenny Omega does something different every match. A move, a sell, something. 
  • Lethal hits his finish early, which gets him right back into the match. How does that move make sense? 
  • Omega wins a damn good match.
  • A good story that Omega was facing a hampered Lethal

Tomohiro Ishii defeated Zack Sabre
United States Title Tournament

  • Sabre tries to trade with Ishii and gets his ass kicked with one punch.
  • They're just beating the tar out of each other. 
  • A nice mix of strong strikes and submission attempts. Incredible struggle to get to the ropes. 
  • Ishii gets the win.

Juice Robinson, Jay White, Dragon Lee, Titan & Volador Jr. defeated Los Ingobernables

  • "That'll make your brown eye blue" - Barnett after a kick to the ass
  • Juice Robinson screams for his opponent to "suck it" mid Russian leg sweep. Added a point to my score of the match.
  • Dragon Lee and Takahashi SLAP THE SHIT out of each other.
  • Good stuff to finish this. I would have had LIJ go over here though. 

Bullet Club (Adam Page w/ Guerrillas of Destiny) (w/ Haku) defeated Michael Elgin & War Machine

  • Haku is here with Bullet Club!!!
  • All of these 6-10 man tags are pretty good.
  • Adam Page gets chucked around between Elgin and War Machine. It rules. 
  • JR is trying to force an "Everybody doesn't love Raymond" line. It's been rough.
  • Roa doesn't sell anything.
  • Page picks up the win, because they wanna make that happen real bad.
  • NJPW announces a 2018 return. Probably should have made that the fall of 2017. 

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
Young Bucks (c) vs. Roppongi Vice

  • This is going up against the Slammiversary X Division match. Poor GFW. 
  • A much slower pace than I'd expect. 
  • An Inverted More Bang For Your Buck, and Trent kicks out because he kicks out of everything.
  • Ya boy can't get behind kicking out of an apron piledriver, running knee and another piledriver within 25 seconds. Nick Jackson had stood up before even being thrown in the ring. A kickout after Strong Zero, too. 
  • Meltzer Driver onto the floor. They hit another in the ring.
  • Nice tribute to Dave Meltzer by the Bucks. They win. I didn't like the match.
  • Ricochet comes out and takes out the Bucks! Great ovation!
  • Ricochet rips a Rock promo and says LU have been pricks. Oh.
  • Roppongi Vice split after the match. 

Bullet Club defeated CHAOS

  • I don't know if all the 6-10 man tags will hold the interest of the American.
  • Scurll actually slaps his own leg for an Ospreay kick. Huh. 
  • The Briscoes are captivating, per usual. Same with Okada.
  • Jay obliterated Takahashi with a sick discus forearm.
  • Bullet Club win and Cody really endears himself to them. I'm loving this story.

IWGP Intercontinental Championship
Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) defeated Billy Gunn

  • Billy Gunn is gonna beat Tanahashi, walk through through the curtain and take one of Haku's eyes.
  • Cool to see Gunn adapting and working Tanahashi's injured right arm instead of the standard left. 
  • Tanahsahi pulls Gunn's pants down. Gunn does the same. Asses out errywhere. 
  • Gunn gave it everything he had and pulled all of this old tricks out of his book. Tanahashi won after throwing a "suck it."

United States Championship Tournament Finals
Kenny Omega (w/ Young Bucks) defeated Tomohiro Ishii

  • JR arguing for the wrong pronunciation of Ishii. 
  • Outstanding first series of near hits and misses. 
  • They go into the crowd. This ends up being way slower paced than usual.
  • Omega hits a psychotic tope con hilo and Ishii cracks his head on the floor. Luckily he's OK. 
  • Omega follows up with the grossest looking missile dropkick I've ever seen. 
  • I don't like Barnett using the term "this is a work" in the match, even if he's referring to Young Bucks working the refs. 
  • Omega tries an apron Dragon suplex, but Ishii holds on to the ropes with his TEETH.
  • Ishii DDT's out of a One Winged Angel. 
  • There are a lot, lot, lot of 2.9's. Ishii landed a One Winged Angel of his own, and I thought it was over. 
  • Ishii kicks out at one after a knee!!
  • ONE WINGED ANGEL! Omega wins!
  • Cody Rhodes comes out and teases a split, but hugs Omega. 


Braxton Sutter, Allie & Mahabali Shera defeated Kongo Kong, KM, Laurel Van Ness

  • At least Allie and Laurel got on the show.
  • Mahabali Shera sucks so, so bad. 
  • It's good to hear Don West again.
  • Half of the people in this match scream "don't care about me, please."
  • Kongo Kong is a really agile dude. 

GFW/Impact Tag Team Championships 
LAX defeated Team AAA, Team CRASH and Team Japan

  • Good move to put this as the show opener. It's sure to be good. 
  • Early on we see about three "C'MON AND HIT ME" spots. Okay. 
  • Some of these guys seem to have trouble adjusting to the ring.
  • Sweet Death Valley Driver from Ortiz.
  • Fantasma has one of the laziest pins I've ever seen.
  • LAX hit a convoluted but cool sitdown powerbomb/reverse neckbreaker.
  • This match is a mess. It should have been good, but there were repeated botches and errors and convoluted moves that didn't need to happen. 
  • This match on Slammiversary shouldn't still be happening. GO HOME. It's too far gone.
  • They don't care. Diamante gets flipped onto a group. 
  • Another "CMON. LETS TRADE" spot in this opening match. Yikes
  • Diamante screwed up her knee and she's still doing spots. This is a wreck.
  • LAX win. It's amazing how something could have so many amazing spots and be so bad. 

Moose & D'Angelo Williams defeated Chris Adonis & Eli Drake

  • Adonis towers over Eli Drake. Sometimes I forget how tall he is.
  • Moose gets a full cheerleader entrance. Pretty cool.
  • D'Angelo Williams just did a cannonball on Eli Drake.
  • Eli Drake hit a powerslam on Moose that was way more impressive than I can explain.
  • D'Angelo Williams isn't doing half bad. 
  • So far, D'Angelo Williams had the best match at Slammiversary. He looked good.

Strap match
EC3 defeated James Storm


  • EC3 has that pape tan!
  • EC3 keeps trying to powder out, but he's stuck to Storm. Kind of cool.
  • Impact has started to implement the zoom cam. Don't do that. It's dumb.
  • You don't notice the strap until you need to, which is cool. 
  • EC3 has handcuffs too, but Storm handcuffs him!! I think EC3 told Storm to eat his ass.
  • My god. Storm hit EC3 with the strap like 32 times.
  • EC3 gets unlocked, unstrapped, and pulls Storm into the ring post. 
  • EC3 and Storm trade big moves, and Storm is out.  EC3 wins.


Joseph Park & Jeremy Borash defeated Scott Steiner & Josh Mathews
Match 4.25/10
Segment 7.25/10

  • Good, Glad to see the Pope. 
  • Mathews did a horrible Disaster Kick and a terrible chain wrestling series. 
  • Josh Mathews just did a huge dive. Wrestling like a babyface.
  • Steiner is trying to run over JB and Park while screaming at them and calling them fatasses.
  • JB and Park sprayed tapioca on Steiner and Matthews out of a fire estinguisher. This kicks ass.
  • This is filmed like the Deletion.
  • Jeremy Borash back body drops Mathews into the pool AND HITS A SWANTON! LOL!
  • They're back at ringside, Shark Boy gets beat up, but Abyss is here! 
  • Josh Mathews got Black Hole Slammed onto Thumbtacks! Then JB hit a frog splash. That RULED

Full Metal Mayhem
Eddie & Alisha Edwards vs. Davey Richards & Angelina Love

  • Alisha Edwards with a wild dive after Eddie attacks Davey!
  • How does one hold someone's mouth OPEN? C'mon.
  • Tacks in two straight matches because there are no agents. 
  • Alisha sunset flip bombs Love off a ladder through table! Edwards does the same to Richards to little reaction.

X-Division Championship
Sonjay Dutt (c) defeated Low Ki
Two out of Three falls

  • Low Ki wrestling in a suit is the dumbest shit. 
  • He gets the first fall, but he still looks like he's making an entrance in that suit. Jesus. 
  • This isn't bad, but this isn't Low Ki and Sonjay of 2004-2007.
  • No reaction for this match.
  • Dutt lands a beautiful Asai Moonsault.
  • Remember that dumb X-Division rule that every match had to be a multi-man?
  • Dutt wins the match. It was ok.

Double Title Match
Sienna (GFW) defeated Rosemary (Impact)

  • KM and Laurel Van Ness are causing problems for Sienna early on until she banishes them.
  • By the way, Rosemary's entrance was cool. 
  • Sienna gnaws on Rosemary's thumb. Cool.
  • Sienna does not wrestle her size.
  • Rosemary lands a nice Spider suplex on Sienna, who takes it well. 
  • Rosemary kicks out of Sienna's finish, and Rosemary does the "I can't believe it" look. 
  • Laurel is back again, and gets chased off by Allie. Belt shot on Rosemary. Rosemary kicks out. See above. 
  • Sienna win.

GFW vs. Impact Title
Alberto El Patron (GFW) (w/ Dos Caras) defeated Bobby Lashley (IMPACT) (w/ King Mo)

  • Lashley and El Patron are beating the turds out of each other.
  • Dos Caras does a horrible chop to King Mo, who does an even more horrible sell.
  • The ten punch in the corner spot needs to die.
  • Super Attitude Adjustment from Lashley. 
  • Both men take a sick tumble to the outside. 
  • Dos Caras just kicked King Mo right in the penis
  • Lashley has to hold on to the top rope while AEP does his dumb stomp. AEP wins.
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