SRS' NJPW G1 Special Match Ratings, Analysis And Notes

Guide (1-2: DOODY! 3-4: Below Average 5: Average 6: Above Average 7: Good 8: Great 9: Excellent 10: All-Time)

Roppongi Vice, Briscoes Will Ospreay defeated Bullet Club (Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, Bad Luck Fale, Takahashi)

Charlie Dempsey To Compete At Josh Barnett's Bloodsport XI
  • Good idea to kick off a match with Young Bucks, Briscoes, and several other talent that the audience at home is likely to be familiar with. 
  • This is the spotfest you'd expect, and to get the crowd warm that's understandable. Why WOULDN'T this be a spotfest? It's tough to employ psychology with ten dudes in a match. 
  • Scurll is kicked off of the apron and his umbrella hilariously floats down.
  • Bad Luck Fale hits a Bad Luck Fall over the top rope onto the crowd. Outstanding!
  • "I have a deal at hot topic, I can't lose on TV!"

Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI, EVIL, SANADA & Hiromu Takahashi) defeated Dragon Lee, Jushin Liger, Titan & Volador, Jr.

  • Jim Ross is struggling with names and pronounciations early. 
  • Liger got a great ovation. The man is 52.
  • Titan and Volador hit a couple of crazy dives in stereo that are scarier because of the rails being where they are. 
  • Super cool merry-go-round chair spot. Takahashi gets the win. 
  • Another spotfest, but much different than the first match. I didn't enjoy this one nearly as much.

Jay Lethal defeated Hangman Page
United States Title Tourney

  • They want the Adam Page thing to work, but he does shooting star shoulderblocks from the apron so it won't work.
  • Someone tell me how a shooting star shoulder block from the apron makes a shit of sense.
  • Lethal is still busted up from an all-time ass kicking from Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser.
  • Jay Lethal also screams out the name of the figure four before he does it, which doesn't make a lot of sense.
  • Lethal gets the win, but this wasn't good at all. 

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Juice Robinson

  • Juice Robinson was going nowhere in NXT. A lot of guys would have just left the business.
  • Funny that for all the talk that he doesn't look the part, Zack Sabre had an ideal MMA body type. 
  • Zack Sabre's offense is just fantastic.
  • Imagine being Juice Robinson, coming back to the states and having the crowd chant your name .
  • When they gonna institute small joint manipulation rules in NJPW?!
  • This was outstanding. 

David Finlay, Jay White, Kushida & Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Sho Tanaka, Yohei Kamatsu, Yoshi Tatsu & Billy Gunn

  • KUSHIDA's use of the double wristlock made me fall in love with his work.
  • KUSHIDA trolling Billy Gunn was outstanding. 
  • What the shit are those boots Finlay is wearing?
  • Jay White gets the win and Tanahashi escapes unscathed.


IWGP Tag Team Championship
War Machine defeated Guerrilas Of Destiny (c)
NO DQ Match

  • Who thought Camacho would EVER end up back on US TV?
  • This is a straight up brawl. 
  • Roa buries one of Hanson's moves by waving it on. He treats a lot of things like they're jokes. I don't know that the U.S. debut is the place for that. 
  • Spinebuster on Tanga onto Roa. Sick. Powerbomb on chairs from Roa. Gross.
  • They even brought the Japanese tables!
  • There's a hilarious no-sell spot from Roa, where he knees and nods his head that it hurt.

Tomohiro Ishii defeated Tetsuya Naito
United States Championship Tournament

  • Ishii somehow looks 190 and 320 pounds at the same time.
  • Naito has translated well to America. The perfect salvation of shit direction is that guy. 
  • Naito has one of the smoothest looking super frankensteiners
  • Naito spit in his face. Yikes.
  • Ishii gets planted with a gross tornado DDT. 
  • I'm not a fan of Red Shoes' reffing work. 
  • Ishii advances. 

Kenny Omega defeated Michael Elgin
United States Championship Tournament

  • Elgin's strength is one of those things that doesn't seem like it'll ever fail to impress. 
  • Missed countout spot. Hard to tell who was at fault there. Omega slammed Elgin kind of late in the count there.
  • Elgin takes forever going for a clothesline and does the Terminator clap, and the crowd isn't happy about it. They're happy when Omega reverses it though.
  • What a psychotic avalanche splash mountain powerbomb from Elgin. This is outstanding. 
  • Omega throws a series of knees that have to be seen to be believed.
  • Go out of your way to watch this match, please.
  • What a Jesus Christing match. 

IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Okada (c) defeated Cody Rhodes

  • Cody is doing an awful lot of stalling and posing for my liking, but he's a heel so whatever, I guess.
  • Deep into the match, Cody hits a great super arm drag. 
  • Cody is trying to play mind games, but that's a tall task against Okada.
  • OMEGA HAS THE TOWEL!!! The crowd is BEGGING for the towel to be thrown in! So wild. 
  • Rhodes hits a Rainmaker of his own, and I bought it as a finish. Okada hits the Cross Rhodes, too!
  • This is the best Cody Rhodes match ever.
  • Okada Rainmakers him to a win. 


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