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  • Kurt Angle is backstage, and Lita implies that he's there to scout talent. That's a nice touch.
  • Charly Caruso is doing an awesome job leading the panel.
  • Big E, Carmella, Sasha Banks, Neville, Becky Lynch all appear. Big E was a little rough. They're really pushing the Neville vs. Aleister Black possibility. 

Other crappenings

  • At the beginning of the show, Code Orange plays and aren't bad. It feels like ECW with production values. 
  • They show NXT stars talking to Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle. A great touch. The Iconic Duo are making their pitch to Daniel Bryan.
  • Becky, Sasha and Charlotte are all ringside for the co-main event.

Andrade Cien Almas (w/ Zelina) defeated Johnny Gargano

  • Crazy to think it's been like six and a half years since we first saw Zelina in TNA.
  • Gargano has those unusual looking punches that make a great sound and get a good reaction.
  • Johnny Wrestling's slingshot spear is a WWE producer's dream. It comes out of nowhere on TV.
  • Almas' Tranquilo is countered with a kick, then followed by a suicide dive and a slingshot DDT. This is a banger. 
  • I appreciate Almas (and anyone) using unconventional and traditionally unseen WWE offense. 
  • I find myself pointing out the offense and counters of this match a lot, because they're great and different and that goes a long way.
  • Ranallo is so much better than Phillips.
  • Almas having a star making performance 14 months after his debut. 
  • Gargano is distracted when Zelina throws a DIY shirt at him and he gets DDT'd. 
  • You must watch this match. 
  • If Tetsuya Naito and Manny Ramirez had a kid, it would be Andrade Cien Almas and that's incredible 
  • I hope this leads to Candice LeRae coming in with Gargano. He looks horrified by the shirt.

NXT Tag Team Championship
Sanity (w/ Killian Dane and Nikki Cross) defeated Authors of Pain (c) (w/ Paul Ellering) to become NXT Tag Team Champions

  • Sanity's entrance isn't done justice by TV. Awesome live.
  • This is the Junior Big Beef Battle.
  • This is the brawl we all expected. 
  • Eric Young pulled the ol' switcheroo and replaced Dane.
  • Young gets killed with a back body drop/Dominator and a side slam stomp. 
  • Wolfe had a really good showing too, including a big German suplex and a frankensteiner. 
  • These two teams delivering big time. Alexander Wolfe landed a sick dive, and Nikki Cross gets sandwiched between Dane, Rezar and a table.  
  • Sanity wins!!!! I hope this means Nikki Cross is a tag champ too.
  • ReDRagon reforms and attacks Sanity! This is a lot to digest. 

Aleister Black defeated Hideo Itami

  • Black getting the star treatment with live music. I was told this weekend that WWE has plans for Black. 
  • Jim Ross is calling this one. 
  • Black busted open early. This is the match both men were meant for. 
  • You know the score here. They beat the living shit out of one another. It's solid stuff.
  • Shout outs to Itami for the Super Falcon Arrow. 
  • I don't consider it a coincidence that Neville is at ringside. 
  • Black wins with his wheel kick, that he delivers better than many pro MMA fighters.

NXT Women's Championship
Asuka (c) defeated Ember Moon

  • Personally, I put Asuka vs. Ember as the main. Zero buzz for Roode vs. McIntyre. I'd imagine there are REASONS, though.
  • Ember starts off fast. I love the leg sweeps and the cannonball to the outside. 
  • Asuka's surfboard stomps and German suplex into the buckle are NASTY. 
  • A tornado suplex from Ember!
  • Asuka kicked out of the Eclipse. Ember is beside herself. 
  • The fact that everyone hasn't been doing the "OMG THEY KICKED OUT OF THAT WHAT WILL I DO" all night's makes Ember's mean more. Ember realized she wasn't ever nearly as close as beating Asuka as she thought.
  • Asuka gets caught holding the trunks. She's a great shades of grey character. 
  • Asuka lock and a submission. What a run she's had. 

NXT Championship
Drew McIntyre (c) defeated Bobby Roode

  • Personally, I've never been a McIntyre or Roode guy. Certainly much more interested in McIntyre, though.
  • I should note Nigel McGuinness' great work tonight.
  • It feels like WWE has their main roster production squad doing this one (they're not any different from earlier), but that isn't really a good thing.
  • Tilt-a-whirl slam on the apron from McIntyre. Baller.
  • This is a very Triple H 2003 match. I've never been a fan of Bobby Roode's pacing. 
  • What was with the ref flipping his hand out to avoid counting three?
  • The last two and a half years, the NXT Championship has been the "guys who have worked at the top elsewhere" title.
  • Drew McIntyre slapped the ringside area hard on his Tope Con Hilo. Roode didn't break the fall AT ALL. 
  • This match would have been a lot better with a third person.
  • Drew McIntyre wins. That's cool. Not a great match.
  • Adam Code Orange Skin Cole is here! He and Redragon attack McIntyre!
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