SRS Raw Blog: Goldberg, Trick Or Street Fight, Title Matches, Women's Segments, More

With Vince Russo sidelined for a little bit, I wanted to keep the tradition of a running Monday Night Raw blog. Below are my thoughts, as the show went along. You can also check out our latest Podcast above. 

  • Goldberg kicking off the show was a surprise. I thought they'd want to sustain the audience throughout the show.
  • I was hoping Paul Heyman's 'backup' would be Curt Axel, just because it'd be funny. Instead, Rusev was the sacrificial lamb.
  • I heard everyone worrying about Sasha/Charlotte getting hurt in a main event, but nobody is worried about Goldberg or Lesnar? Calling Goldberg rusty is an understatement- Trick or Street Fight. I'm cool with that kind of stuff, but it also results in 50-50 booking. Enzo and Cass were entertaining per usual. I loved the Toy Story reference. The match was ridiculous, but I couldn't stop watching. Certainly doesn't mean it was good, though.
  • Corey Graves is fantastic at his job
  • Glad Brian Kendrick called out TJP's character for being a dumbass, because he is. They had a good match, but I don't know how I felt about the finish. Do we need a fifth match?
  • Mick Foley in storyline is preventing Stephanie McMahon from emasculating his wrestlers. Probably smart. Roman Reigns was really bad in this promo. Jericho has started to heel people with the list instead of getting a face reaction.
  • I loved Cesaro and Sheamus working together in the battle royal, only to eliminate each other. This was fun. Braun winning the battle royal was good. I expected Zayn to eliminate him.
  • New Day as the three faces of Charles Wright was pretty cool.
  • I'm glad the cruiserweights got a reaction, but the company really has to do something with them creatively.
  • I'm ready for Emma to be back and used correctly. I won't hold my breath.
  • The Bayley/Charlotte promo was mediocre at best. I like keeping Sasha off the show to sell injuries. Nia Jax beating Bayley is probably the right call, and even Bayley knows that.
  • Cesaro and Sheamus vs. the Shining Stars. Wouldn't mind if these two become a long-term tag team. It's the best for both at this point.
  • Reigns and Jericho had a good match. I'd like to see Jericho actually get a run with the U.S. title, if even for a night. Rollins was the logical fifth man for the Survivor Series team.
  • This would have been a solid two hour show, but it's really hard for me to enjoy anything like this for three hours straight on a Monday night.
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