SRS Smackdown Blog: James Ellsworth, Survivor Series, Styles vs. Ambrose

Since last night's Raw blog went over so well in Vince Russo's absence, I thought that I would see how a running Smackdown blog did. Below are my thoughts on the show as it progresses.

  • James Ellsworth has a theme! And it's a pretty good one. I love this guy. A little story, I was supposed to do an interview with him, but it was in the opening days of Fightful, and I couldn't make it work because my schedule was insane. Interacted with fewer dudes who were nicer and more punctual than him.
  • JBL's disdain for Ellsworth is hilarious.
  • I liked the opening segment. It was really elementary, but as I've mentioned I don't really mind that as long as it's good.
  • They ran a Baron Corbin vignette months too late. They should have never had Ziggler beat this guy.
  • There's no such thing as a 'jobber entrance' anymore. Stop using that term. They do it all the time. Nikki Bella, Carmella, Alexa Bliss¬†aren't jobbers.
  • Man, Bliss and Becky screwed up that reverse DDT. Gross looking. Not a good match. Glad Bliss is using a DDT as a finish.
  • Carmella calling out Bayley would make more sense if we didn't know they were best friends. Alexa's promo was corny.
  • Oh hey, America Alpha is still on the roster. They beat Spirit Squad. Sweet.
  • I don't know about rehashing the Miz/Bryan thing two months late. I do like Bryan's reasoning.
  • Why in the shit were Curt Hawkins and Jinder Mahal re-signed? Tye Dillinger would be killing it in Curt Hawkins' spot.
  • I LOVE the open challenge to any Raw star for Ziggler. If they add stakes to the elimination matches, they can make Survivor Series special.
  • Somehow I completely missed the Randy Orton/Kane match. I have no idea how. I like the Orton/Wyatt tease. Hope they stay together, because I'm not interested in either as singles talents at this point.
  • Usos vs. Headbangers. This was good for all involved. The Headbangers will keep getting indy bookings and the Usos won a quick match we didn't have to suffer through. Usos should have jobbed Headbangers out though.
  • Good that Dean Ambrose booted Ellsworth out. He should be a street smart guy.
  • AJ Styles is awesome, he and Ambrose had a good match, but how many times am I supposed to want to see this match? At least once more, because I'm down for TLC.
  • AJ Styles is usually hit or miss with his moonsault reverse DDT, but I haven't seen him mess it up yet in WWE.
  • Good finish and use of Ellsworth. He's fantastic.
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