SRS Smackdown Match Ratings, Notes And Analysis

Opening segment

  • The Jinder-Rusev team is back together. They were a whopping 0-14 in tag matches together.
  • We hear a terrible Jinder promo.
  • The Singh Bros. are apologizing to Jinder for their ignorance and lack of skill. They're hilarious.
  • They beg Jinder to let them kiss his feet. JBL: "Really?"
  • Nakamura comes to beat them up and gets jumped. He's saved by Orton, but Rusev joins the fray.
WWE Smackdown on FOX Results & Live Coverage for 4/16/21 WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable defeated The Ascension

  • Gable and Benjamin's theme is lit.
  • The crowd is chanting for Shelton, which is awesome to hear. 
  •  I hate the "reach but don't really reach" spot in tag matches. 
  • Gable/Shelton get the offense before the commercial, Ascension during the commercial.
  • Paint by numbers, and I think I should abbreviate that because it happens so much.
  • Benjamin and Gable win.

WWE United States Championship
AJ Styles (c) defeated Tye Dillinger

  • SQUANDERED!? Baron Corbin says he'll answer Styles' open challenge.
  • Instead, Tye Dillinger does, until he gets attacked. He fights back and takes the challenge anyway.
  • It's back and forth, but Styles gets a quick submission.
  • They don't keep Dillinger on TV much, but I don't have a problem with him losing a quick match to one of the best ever.
  • Corbin attacks Dillinger after the match.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Jinder tries to butter Rusev up, but he isn't having it. He wants the WWE Championship, which Mahal hilariously protects. 
  • Dolph Ziggler says Little Rock won't get anything tonight. He bitches about more gimmicks. ZIGMAN!
  • Ellsworth relieves Dasha Fuentes. He doesn't do half bad. Carmella blames him for her not being able to cash in last week. Natalya says she'll make Carmella the "Baron Corbin of the women's division." WOW. Naomi shows up and tells Natalya their rematch is in two weeks.
  • FASHION FILES! Watch the title/belt reference.

Bobby Roode defeated Mike Kanellis (w/ Maria)

  • That crowd reaction certainly wasn't there this week for Roode.
  • I'm so glad to see Roode as a face. I can't say I'm happy to see Mike's face. 
  • Roode has been using a Blockbuster as a babyface, but he glides a little more than flips. It's a cool alteration.
  • Roode gets a big reaction for his "glorious" pose, which is a good sign after the crickets on his entrance.
  • Mike Kanellis did really well in this match, too.

Kevin Owens

  • Aiden English is singing, but Kevin Owens politely asks him to leave, which he does.
  • Owens isn't happy about the referee situation. Shane McMahon makes Owens get out of the ring and English back in it.
  • Owens joins commentary.

Aiden English defeated Sami Zayn (unofficially)

  • This is a good match between these two, but Owens is still the story.
  • Owens isn't pleased with the job the ref is doing and takes his shirt.
  • Owens is now the ref!
  • Pop up powerbomb and a quick count on Sami Zayn. This could be a fun way to fill 6-7 weeks.
  • Shane McMahon says the match doesn't count and he'll take care of it.
  • This is all an intriguing way to get into KO/Shane.

Winner picks stipulation
Usos defeated New Day (w/ Xavier Woods)

  • Xavier Woods is out in a walking cast with a sign that says "It's Sore."
  • This match kicks off during the commercial.
  • Kofi pulls out a dragon sleeper. I love watching these two teams work. Amazing chemistry.
  • Usos win.

Tamina kills a jobber

  • Lana is with Tamina. Tamina kills a jobber.
  • Pretty much it. I was concerned for the jobber, who ate the bottom rope. 

Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Rusev & Jinder Mahal

  • Randy Orton loves to brawl in his sleeveless vest.
  • This goes to a commercial pretty early.
  • Can't remember the last time I saw Orton do a fallaway slam, if ever.
  • Nakamura's running single leg kick looks really bad on tv. 
  • I was fearing for Rusev's life as Nakamura set up for that back suplex.
  • Jinder and Orton screw up a DDT spot.
  • Nakamura picks up the win but gets RKO'd. This was garbage aside from the post-match.
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