Stephanie McMahon Wants To See Rock vs. Roman, WWE Superstar Spectacle Preview | Fight-Size Update

Here is your fight-size update for Monday, January 25, 2021:

- It seems as though at least once a week, somebody mentions the possibility of Roman Reigns vs. The Rock at WrestleMania being the logical conclusion to the current storyline on SmackDown featuring a heel Roman Reigns for the first time in eight years.

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Speaking with TMZ, Stephanie McMahon opened up about the possibility of the company working on that match for this year's WrestleMania which will take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

“I suppose there’s any chance that we're working on anything at any time. To answer your question, it would be a phenomenal story to find out who truly sits at the head of the table. When you think about The Rock and his family and Roman Reigns and his family, just the heritage in the lineage throughout our business of that family, right? It’s a huge story and I do hope we see it play out one day,” said Stephanie.

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- WWE Superstar Spectacle will air tomorrow morning on WWE Network. The event, which was taped on Friday, is set to be a major spectacle for the Indian market specifically. As a way to introduce people to the talent that will be on display at this event, WWE has put out multiple promo videos for several Superstars such as Giant Zanjeer and Jeet Rama.

- Kavita Devi, an Indian-born Superstar who has competed at WrestleMania in the past credited The Great Khali for her success when talking with Firstpost.

“I think Khali Sir has played the biggest role in my life to date. I consider him as my guru. Before coming to CWE, I didn’t know a thing about professional wrestling. I will never forget him. Had he not given me a platform like CWE, I wouldn't have made it this far."

- Speaking with Sportskeeda, Drew McIntyre says he hopes to defend the WWE Championship against Jinder Mahal. The two will be on opposite sides of a tag team match at WWE Superstar Spectacle.

"I hope so. We have so much real history and he is advertised to return. If you've seen on his social media, he's been posting pictures of how he looks right now. Physically he looks incredible. He's ready to get back. I've been working out with him. You know he's just chomping at a bit. He's not been back since like all this started. Like he doesn't know what it's like to go out in the ThunderDome and get a taste of things and he's excited his return is happening and not just in the ThunderDome but happening for the Superstar Spectacle, especially then for India. It's like a perfect place for him to return. I got a good feeling that if people will check out the Superstar Spectacle, they're going to see something very special. I don't wanna give any spoilers but let's just say Jinder's gonna be back, we've got a lot of history and you might see something cool if you check out the show."

- Here's everything you need to know before Monday Night Raw tonight.

- ICYMI: NBCUniversal now owns the exclusive United States streaming rights to the WWE Network.

- Jordynne Grace spoke to Tommy Dreamer on his podcast and opened up about being a huge fan of Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal).

“Everybody asks me this and they’re always surprised by the answer, but my favorite and the only action figure I've ever actually owned was Evan Bourne. I just love him. He was my favorite. The Shooting Star Press, that's the move that I wanted to do my entire upbringing. Obviously, I'm a completely different wrestler than he is now and I could probably never do a Shooting Star Press in my life, I’m more of a power wrestler now, but Evan Bourne was the guy. It's funny because, you know, Matt Sydal, I’ve met him so many times and I’ve told him this. Like you said earlier, it feels surreal.”

Later, she spoke about her early obsession with wrestling. Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro were having a feud around the time that I started wrestling. My name is obviously Patricia, I go by Trish, and then my little sister's name is Ashley. I remember we would watch their matches and just try to imitate them on the living room floor.”

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- WrestleZone recently interviewed Mike Rotunda, aka IRS, who indicated he is very happy living out his retirement after being let go by WWE.

"I'm good right now I spent actually about 36 years you know in the business between wrestling and producing and it was getting harder and harder I'll be 63 at the end of the March coming up so that was enough you know and my wife luckily is a successful real estate broker down here in Florida and so she's busy right now and I'm enjoying being able to go fishing."

- WWE 2K Battlegrounds will release a special locker room code during the Royal Rumble event, allowing players to gain 500 gold coins.

- WWE recently released a video of 100 great Royal Rumble eliminations all cut together. The 2021 Royal Rumble will take place this Sunday.

- Mick Foley recently got a new haircut, but it's not going to lead to the State Farm discount he was looking for, or will it?

- In IMPACT News, Knockouts of the past and present will get together for a virtual Round Table released exclusively on IMPACT Plus.

- After a newsworthy day, WWE stock closed at $53.96 per share.

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