Steve Austin Says He Once Got The Undertaker To Break Character

The Undertaker is famous, among his fans and his peers, for always being "The Undertaker." He's "The Dead Man." "The Phenom." "The Icon." He's definitely not "The Guy Who Breaks Character."

Except for that one time.

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If you believe Steve Austin, that is.

Speaking to Bruce Prichard, Austin told the story of how one time, and just for a second, he actually got the Undertaker to break.

“I made him break character one time. We was over in Kuwait," Austin began. "And we did a Battle Royal or something like that. We spilled out on the floor, and I’d been selling on the apron, I had a little bit of heat, you know, going as Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Undertaker picked me up, he straightened my head up, we were both standing outside the ring and he looked at me with that damn look and I just popped, for some reason I started laughing and he laughed too, for a cut hair of a second, and then went right back into character, and he flipped his hair back, he had that long hair and he flipped his hair over his face so you couldn’t see him laughing. But I actually busted the Undertaker out of character one time, but I think that’s the only time in the existence of that character that that’s happened.”

For most fans of The Dead Man, it's hard to imagine the Undertaker laughing, unless it looks like this: 

The Undertaker recently made his return to Smackdown on November 15, proclaiming himself to be back, "Taking Souls and Digging Holes." He has not appeared on WWE television since that night.

You can listen to a longer version of the Prichard interview with Austin at the top of this page.

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