Steve Austin Talks NXT, Scripted Promos, Spontaneity

Steve Austin was recently interviewed by Lilian Garcia on a Lilian Garcia: Making Their Way to the Ring. You can see more submitted highlights below, and the full podcast above.


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"I've been wanting to go down to NXT to talk to those kids down there…its just a pain in the neck to get down to Florida but one of these days I will."

Promos being scripted:

"When I came back from my neck surgery that's kind of when that system kind of really came into play, in those last few years you know I got away with it because you couldn't tell that I was doing it but the system changed and I just kind of adapted or adopted the system that they were throwing at me, but I always felt a little like I was maybe short changing myself or the business by doing that but that's what the system became so it is what it is."

Spontaneity in wrestling:

"God dang not to book the territory or criticize or critique the business, I just love Lilian back in those old days, just the spontaneity, the spontaneity, when you're on live TV it should be God dang man this is live anything can happen — well they're still live anything can still happen but it's very micro-managed and gone over to so much detail it's like, the chances are nothing is going to happen that's not supposed to happen, but when you have that feeling it's like God dang man Steve's coming back, Stone Cold's coming back on RAW I don't know what he's going to say, well we know what he's going to say right now—not too much because we're going to hand him a script and tell him go say this."

Being shy as a kid:

"I was a shy kid growing up man…ya I was quiet as a damn mouse, my sister would, if we wanted to order from the Dairy Queen call in the order, my sister would order for me because I just didn't like talking to the people on the other end of the phone."

Canadian Stampede PPV:

"That was one of the most fun matches I ever had in my life. We were in Canada we were in Calgary we were in the Hahometown town! And the fact, man when they went out there because Canadian people are great fans you know they're very loyal so they're awesome but all of a sudden so Brett and them go out there and they're the babies and we come down and we're the Stone Cold heels no pun intended and I was eating it up because I always like working heel, and I know it's a one night stand so my head's not going 'oh they're booing us and they're cheering them what am I supposed to do?' Hell, if you watch that match I played it up and we had chemistry off the charts there and that's where they handcuffed me and they had my hands behind my back and I was flipping them off I was handcuffed behind my back I was like a kid in a candy store it was one of the most fun nights of my life."

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