Steve Austin Told Becky Lynch To "Be The Man"

Becky Lynch and Steve Austin discuss their friendship.

Prior to WrestleMania 35, many fans were comparing Becky Lynch to Steve Austin as both have a sense of confidence and swagger that is unmatched by their peers. While Austin is quick to shut down any comparisons, he talked with Bleacher Report about his role in helping Becky with her character.

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“I found out that she was more confident than what I originally thought," said Austin. "She is more charismatic than I first thought. She has broken so much ground with this “Man” character and how she came up with it. She’s very spontaneous and very quick—not just with an answer, but with a well-thought-out answer. I love that she stays composed. Her passion for the business rivals mine. And that’s not something I often say. Her episode was one of my favorites of the new show. Becky Lynch is the real deal. She’s a woman, but she’s The Man.”

Austin continued, "But she literally lives right down the street from me, so when we crossed paths a time or two in Los Angeles, I did give her a couple pieces of advice. I won’t specifically tell you what I told her, but I will tell you this, and it’s what I tell everyone who asks me for advice: ‘This is the way Stone Cold Steve Austin did it, and it is just one way. Take it and process it, and whether you use 30 percent of it or 100 percent of it, use my advice in a way that applies to you rather than to me.’ I take zero credit for her success. She’s the one going out there, doing her own thing and laying it on the line. There’s a lot of similarities between The Man and Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

In an interview with Sky Sports, Becky elaborated how much Austin has meant to her.

"He really changed the game and paved the way for us to do the things we do. He's become very generous with his time and advice and he's become a good friend of mine. There are similarities. I have never once in my life set out to be the next Stone Cold. I've only ever wanted to be the first Becky Lynch. We live down the road from each other. We're neighbors."

When asked about the advice Austin has given her, Becky said, "Goddamn. You know what, it might just be 'Be The Man.' I think that's it. That's sometimes all I need to hear. If I ever get a little like 'am I doing the right things?' I'm like, 'You're The Man. Be The Man.' Simple as that."

Austin has not only been vocal in his support of Becky Lynch in recent months, but he's also given praise to Kevin Owens. You can view Austin's comments about Owens by clicking here.

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