Steve Maclin Reflects On His Match With PCO At IMPACT Under Siege

Steve Maclin and PCO left it all on the mat at IMPACT Under Siege.

On May 26, Steve Maclin defended his IMPACT World Championship against PCO at Under Siege. The No Disqualification Match would see a number of gruesome spots, including Maclin taking a staple gun to PCO's lips. After using chairs, sledgehammers, and cinder blocks, Maclin was able to retain his title.

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Speaking with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture, Maclin shared his mindset going into the match and what it was afterwards.

"To know it was 'No DQ' and to know who my opponent was, I knew we were going to go out and try to do something different that people haven't seen in a long time. I can relate it to almost like Shawn Michaels and Mankind at Mind Games in 1996, where that was one of those matches where, 'Holy shit, this evolved both talents.' So, this is a way to showcase the best that he is and the best that I am and my adaptability as well because I feel like I can get in the ring and work with anyone now. That's one of those things where whatever situation you put me into, I'm going to take that opportunity and try to knock it out of the park. I think I've been trying to do that and I think we did that at Under Siege," he said.

As for whether or not there were any ideas he was apprehensive about, Maclin confirmed that he and PCO were told no on a few spots.

"We were told a few of those. It's just one of those things where he and I had enough trust in each other. We've worked before. It was one of those things where we just wanted to make it the best match possible, whether it stole the show or not. I thought the PPV as a whole was as strong as anything from start to finish and that was one of those things where we were the only match with a stipulation or weapons used and it built to it. It really was mayhem for all. I'm just proud of it. Walk away from it and think, 'Okay, don't have to do that one for a while,'" Maclin said.

He would then share that using a staple gun on PCO was the spot that made him the most uncomfortable.

"Staple gun was one of those things where it just, okay, yeah, staple gun. You would think the cinder block and sledgehammer but staple gun just skeeves me out," he said.

Maclin would conclude by saying that he is feeling okay, though still a little beat up. He would even share a story about the cut he sustained on the top of his forhead.

"There was a point in the match where I went and wiped my forehead a little bit, which I shouldn't have done anyways, and it looked like a big loogie of skin on my hand. I was like, 'Ew!' I just watched it hit the mat and it even made a splat sound. I was like, 'That was gross.' Just a big blob of skin, but it was pretty cool to have that," he said.

Maclin is set to defend the IMPACT World Title against Alex Shelley at IMPACT Against All Odds. You can view the updated card for the event by clicking here.

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