Stevie Ray Describes Time The Nasty Boys Beat Up Matt Damon

Stevie Ray says both Nasty Boys punched Matt Damon. 

On his podcast Stand Up For Greatness, Stevie Ray revealed a story about meeting Matt Damon in the early nineties. He said one night he was meeting a group of wrestlers in a hotel lobby bar, among those wrestlers were The Nasty Boys Brian Knobbs and Jeremy Sags. On this night, their bartender at the hotel was a future Oscar winner. 

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"We're staying at the Holiday Inn. We just got done wrestling. It's me, Haku, Nasty Boys. We're waiting in the lobby and we're going to hit some of the college clubs. I come downstairs and there's a guy working behind the bar. I remember Knobbs saying 'hey Stevie, do you know this guy?'" said Stevie Ray. "Guess who it was, Matt Damon," he added. 

According to Stevie Ray, Matt Damon was working as a bartender as part of some method acting training for an upcoming role. Damon had recently starred in the movie School Ties as an antagonist. Stevie Ray said The Nasty Boys were having trouble separating the movie from reality. 

"It's only a movie but Sags and Knobbs are taking it for real," said Stevie Ray. "We're marking out and then Knobbs and Sags are like 'this son of a bitch' and (Knobbs) hits him in the fucking chest. He hits him like Larry Holmes. The kid buckles over. Sags hit him too," he continued. 

Stevie Ray said at the time he never thought Damon was going to make it in Hollywood. He also claimed he and Damon had an argument over who was a better actor, Morgan Freeman or Wesley Snipes. 


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