Stevie Ray Talks Hulk Hogan And The N-Word, Jimmy Snuka, More

Former WCW Tag Team Champion Stevie Ray of Harlem Heat recently appeared on the "Murder Master Music Show" with Prez and Mac Jay. He spoke about the passing of Jimmy Snuka and that time his brother Booker T called Hulk Hogan a "n**gga" live on Pay-Per-View.

Below and above are clips they sent in to us:

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They submitted these highlights.

Jimmy Snuka's death and coping with losing friends in wrestling:

"Jimmy was always one of the guys who came up and was cordial and I always remembered that man. He left a big impact and he would always be like, "Hey you guys are doing good, stay in there!" Those were encouraging words and I will never forget it! It has been going on so long now that it is not even out of the realm anymore, it's almost like an expectation. In this business the way some of the guys that I know personally and the way their live styles were it don't surprise me when they die young."

Booker T calling Hulk Hogan a "n---a" on live pay-per-view:

"We were doing a live pay per view and we had cut a promo earlier that day, we are getting to go to the ring and one of the production guys said we had to redo the promo because someone messed it up. We were like "What the f--k man?" You just don't do it on a pay-per-view, it leaves a chance for a f--k up. This is live! We were in the corner going over the match with each other and this is the s--t people don't know about, and now we are talking about Hulk Hogan, and I'm like, "We don't have a damn thing to do with Hulk Hogan." So now we are trying to think about what to say during the interview. It went viral years later! I kept a straight face because I was focusing on what I was trying to do, I didn't pay attention to what he was saying. I didn't know until afterwards when Booker told me he messed up. He was thinking about two different things at the same time. If that had happened during pre-taping you just cut it out and start over."

Hogan lying about being called "n---a" by Harlem Heat:

"We hear Hulk Hogan on an interview and he said, "Booker and his brother use to call us that all the time." The "n word" was not thrown around. You just don't say the "n word" around people that are not in an African American circle. Nobody can ever say in my whole career can say they ever heard me say the "n word" if they are not Black. It is an unwritten law of ethics."

Randy Savage clowning Hogan:

"Randy Savage is the ring leader and we were in catering the next day and my brother is still down about the whole thing, and Hulk Hogan comes into catering and Randy Savage runs up to him and said, "Hey man Booker T called you a n---a," and Hogan was getting his food and he said "Oh yeah, he called me a n---a, OK, at least I'm a good n---a." I fell out laughing and that ended it. He shut all the boys down and Randy Savage down with that one statement and we didn't hear about it until years later on YouTube."

You can check out the full "Murder Master Music Show" interview at their website.

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