Sting Says He Didn't Know Who Hulk Hogan Was When They Met

In the newest episode of “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia”, Lilian sits down with WWE Hall of Famer, Sting! Sting takes us back to the beginning; growing up in Southern California after moving from Nebraska, and how he handled living in a dysfunctional family. He talks about his love of basketball yet why he wasn’t able to make that a career and how he felt he was going nowhere in his life. You won’t believe how he met Hulk Hogan for the first time, and what 80’s cult classic movie he auditioned for...and almost got! Plus, his reasons for not going to the WWE during the Monday Night Wars, and how he was within minutes of giving up on pro wrestling but the conversation he had that made him not quit. He further talks about how even with fame & fortune he was in the darkest place of his life, and how his dealings with drugs, alcohol and adultery almost brought him to a nervous breakdown. Then something happened in August of 1998 that changed his entire life forever. In this compelling interview Sting also let’s us know if he is really retired from pro wrestling or if he has one more match in him to go against The Undertaker. Find out all that and more in this exclusive episode. It’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring, with “The Icon,” Sting!


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Growing up with his dysfunctional family:

“My mom tried to get us to go to church on Sundays and my Dad didn’t want to have anything to do with it and we didn’t want to go to church. We wanted to go to the lake, we wanted to go to the beach, we didn’t want to live by a set of rules, so we thought. We kind of rebelled against the whole church thing and it was just a few pocket of times that I can remember being in Sunday school as a kid with my brother and my sister was really small, Mark was probably an infant at the time. We just rebelled against it. We turned into young adults and got through high school and part way through junior colleges and big universities, but no one ever got any degree or anything like that. We all loved each other, we were all very close, but very dysfunctional. It’s like you couldn’t be around each other for very long.”


Meeting Hulk Hogan without knowing about his star power:

“When I grew up, where I grew up in Southern California, we did not have pro wrestling on TV. I didn’t know what it was. I ended up in my early young adult years co-owning a Gold’s Gym in San Fernando Valley with a guy named Ed Connors who was the treasurer of Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. I managed the gym and I ended up being partners with him and this big big dude with blonde hair would come in and work out and the gym would freak out and say, “Oh my gosh, don’t you know who that is? It’s the guy from the Rocky movie! That’s Hulk Hogan!” I go, “Okay, I know the Rocky movie and I know that guy, but I don’t know who Hulk Hogan is!”


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