Stuntwoman Janeshia Adams-Ginyard Talks Process Of Training To Wrestle

Wrestler and stuntwoman Janeshia Adams-Ginyard appeared on the Women's Pro Wrestling Podcast recently. You can check out the full podcast at this link, and submitted highlights below.

Janeshia Talks About How She Got into WOW:

I was doing athletic modeling and sports stuff and I got this audition notice. Now you know L.A, we’re out here, we hustling and grinding, it ain't L.A. if you're not hustling. I got five jobs, for of them are husting. So I see this audition notice, and it says "Wanna be a real-life superhero?" Now my agent sent it to me and I had no idea what it was and I don't like to be confused, so I called him and I said "what is this?" he said, "I don't know, I think you should go to it." I was thinking "Would this be the first audition I would miss?" He doesn't know (Her Agent) I don't know what it is, so I said let's go - When I got there, they had all these WOW posters, eight by eleven half sheets pictures of different people and then I recognized a few people. I recognized Elle Alexander who is Danger and she's a stunt coordinator; then I recognized another girl and I'm like "Shoot this is something I need to stay for". Then Jeanie Buss walked out (of the office) and I'm like "Yeah I'm staying! Hold on! I was like Jeanie Buss is here wait a minute now, this means I'm staying!"

Janeshia Talks About The Training To Become A Wrestler:

I will say, I caught on quickly, mainly because I didn't have any fear in me. You know sometimes people are afraid to take a bump. They're afraid to get down on the ground. They're afraid to hit that rope because you get sore. Running ropes... that's a whole different level of conditioning and you get the little rope burn each time you're going back on that. But I think, it helped me having that stunt background already. I wasn't afraid to do a hip-toss, I wasn't afraid to do a suplex or any of that stuff. I think it helped. That's why I kind of think it came natural for me... and I can kind of challenge myself and say 'hey I'm gonna do a front bump high this time, you know, hey I want to do a really high back bump!'

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