Suge D Shares Story On How He Got AEW Dark Match Against Kip Sabian

Suge D shares his journey to getting a match on AEW Dark.

Suge D posted the following on social media talking about how he got the call to have a match on this week's edition of Dark. Suge D said he had to drive for hours just to be able to get the ring gear for the match against Kip Sabian and added that he hopes people can take away from this and follow their dreams as well.

Below is his post.


I got a call a week after all my bookings evaporated.

AEW. One of the largest wrestling companies in the world. Of course they hit me up when the world is ending.

The week leading up to this included a 6 hour roundtrip mad dash to Charlotte for new gear (Thank you Highspots Superstore + James D. Drake), being confirmed & unconfirmed & reconfirmed before the big day, so much secrecy, and the realest case of Imposter Syndrome I've ever had.

But it happened. And no matter if this is just a one and done or the start to something grand; I can't dwell on why and how I got there....I just did.

All Elite Wrestling #AEWDark. Tomorrow. 4PM

I'd hope you watch. It's bigger than just a match and a moment for me. It's proof that your dream can still keep kicking & screaming for life even when chaos is the new order.

The end(?) is my beginning? Can't give you an answer to that. But I can tell you: True flavor is forever.

That makes me immortal.

Fightful will have live coverage of AEW Dark later today.

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