TAELER: 2022 WWE Royal Rumble: All Eyes On Lesnar vs. Lashley

2022 WWE Royal Rumble: All Eyes On Lesnar Vs Lashley

This weekend the WWE Universe will be tuning in live to see the 34th annual WWE Royal Rumble. One of the biggest WWE events of the year as it signals "go" on the road to Wrestlemania! Several championship titles will be on the line. The WWE Universe eagerly guessing at potential Royal Rumble surprise entrants and who will win. As one of the big four for WWE, The Royal Rumble is high anticipated both both WWE Superstars and their fans. As a WWE Superstar, each will be looking for their key moment. Their leg up on the competition. Their time to shine. All vying for championship gold. The pursuit of WWE Superstardom!

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One such opportunity will be on full display live in St. Louis, Missouri as two men collide over the WWE Championship Title. Former champion Bobby Lashley aided by MVP prepares to cash in on his Royal Rumble bout as he takes on the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar! Both men are no stranger two each other and to the pressures of being a champion in the WWE. All eyes are on you. You are the gold standard. The PPV rests on you. The ratings. The sales The demos. The story. The gold. It all comes to a head this weekend.

One bout. Two men. One WWE Championship! This isn't their first go around. Both Lashley and Lesnar have extended WWE tenures and have appeared in WWE Royal Rumbles prior. I have to say I am a fan of both Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. In my opinion, this by far, has been the best most successful run of Lashley's WWE career. His confidence has grown, His in-ring has been highly entertaining for the WWE Universe. His pairing with MVP has been genius. Hurt Business was awesome and broken up too soon (just my opinion.) Overall, he's grown as a WWE Superstar in his own right which isn't always easy to do and therefore deserves more recognition as such.

On the other side of the bout is the WWE Champion himself, Brock Lesnar! Brock is a huge star for both WWE and UFC. He is one of the top grossing sellers for UFC along with Conor McGregor and Rhonda Rousey. WWE sales similarly grow with Brock Lesnar billed on the card. HIs believability is immense. His pairing with Paul Heyman is also genius. And I have to say that I love Brock's tendencies to no give a sh*& when it comes to the painstakingly soul-crushing preconceived notions of the traditions past in this industry and instead does his own thing. It keeps with his personality with continuity between his on screen and off screen persona. Over the years he's built a solid foundation built on trust equity with the WWE. A singular energy and focus that adds to whatever card he is on. The WWE Universe loves tuning in to bouts featuring Brock Lesnar. The beast of an athlete that he is…

All in all, I think this is going to be a must see match not to miss at this year's WWE Royal Rumble. While Brock Lesnar may find it easy to manhandle many WWE Superstars, I have a feeling Bobby Lashley won't let that happen. And if it does, at the very least, it will not be easy for Lesnar. Lashley is in the best shape of his career mentally, physically, and emotionally. Both athletes under the tutelage and influence of masters of this game, they both bring credence and mystique to this match up over the WWE Championship.

If anyone on the WWE roster stands a chance at defeated Brock, it would be Bobby. But, how much that could take from Lashley in order to do it? Currently unknown. As the saying goes, when you hunt beasts you'd do best to ensure you yourself do not become one… Tune in this Saturday night for the 34th annual WWE Royal Rumble live from St. Louis, Missouri! All eyes are on the WWE Championship with Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley!

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