TAELER: Ace Austin Reaching For Impact Wrestling Championship Gold In 2021

The resident Ace in the hands of IMPACT Wrestling returned. Reemerging to kick off 2021 at Genesis was none other than Ace Austin. IMPACT Wrestling hosted its first official 2021 event - Genesis. The event exclusively aired on their IMPACT Plus App. To punctuate his return to IMPACT, Austin battled it out with Blake Christian for the Finals of the Super X Cup Tournament. To the winner goes the spoils! Both men entered the bout at Genesis with the same goal - winning the Super X Cup Tournament and gazing at themselves in the troy's reflection. A reflection full of possibility.

Admittedly, Blake Christian entered the match knowing full well that Ace Austin has a reputable history of always having a trick up his sleeve. But Blake wouldn't be deterred. Fresh off of an impressive showing in New Japan ending 2020, he was ready to kick off 2021 live with IMPACT Wrestling. The opportunity to further showcase all he had to give and why he's All Heart Blake Christian. And doing so live on IMPACT Wrestling's Genesis event for the coveted Super X Cup no less. Blake Christian was impeccably prepared as he deftly went toe to toe, impressively strike for strike, and move for move with the Former X Division Champion Ace Austin.

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As it would happen, Genesis would be Austin's first appearance after a several month hiatus from IMPACT Wrestling. 2020 had started out very strong for Ace Austin and somewhere towards the latter part of the year fizzled out. Much to the surprise of IMPACT fans. Known for plotting, ploys, and tricks, it was a surprise to see Ace Austin head towards Blake Christian at Genesis without Madman Fulton in tow. Although, perhaps this key shift in the demeanor of Austin should have been seen coming.

The IMPACT Star himself projected that 2021 he would become 'the face' of IMPACT Wrestling. In order to achieve such a feat he would need to do so on his own at the appropriate key pivotal moment. Alone and without Fulton as an insurance policy. This would be his only way to cement himself in the eyes of management and fans alike as the future of IMPACT Wrestling. The next generation. And at Genesis that's exactly what Ace Austin did. He in essence went to war with Blake Christian with Austin's future at IMPACT subliminally on the line. To lose would be to remain stagnant and overlooked. To win would mean a future. To ascend towards the pinnacle seat. The top spot on the roster. A coveted view like no other. The IMPACT Wrestling World Title.

Amidst an I Quit match, a dream match between former IMPACT Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace and the legend herself The Phenom Jazz, and the Super X Cup Tournament itself, Ace Austin versus Blake Christian in the Super X Cup Finals was an instant standout. Both men had to go through immensely diverse obstacles to make it to the finals. Then they'd have face each other. Beaten up. Tired. Mentally looking for a weakness in the other. Physically full of adrenaline looking to follow through and efficiently capitalize on the perceived weakness in the other. Competition at it's most basic foundation. Crazy Steve, Cousin Jake, Tre Lamar, Suicide, KC Navarro, Daivari…all fell in the pursuit of the prestigious Super X Cup opportunity.

2021 would bear witness to the first Genesis event since 2017. A monumental opportunity as IMPACT continues to resurrect their trademark events and titles with lengthy histories. A great opportunity for both men. Ace Austin would see himself become the Super X Cup winner at the twelfth ever Genesis. A tremendous achievement. Thus placing him in a prime position to achieve exactly what he projected as his aim for 2021, The IMPACT Wrestling World Championship Title.

At only twenty three years old, Ace Austin is amassing quite the resume and his bout with Blake Christian was a testament to the fortitude, passion, talent, and tenacity possessed by both competitors. Their individual performances and subsequent clash at Genesis streaming on the IMPACT Plus App left little room for debate. As Ace Austin himself articulated on his Twitter, "It’s very important you listen to these words. And mark them. I will be the face of IMPACT Wresing in 2021. And the YOUNGEST World Champion in history. INEVITABLE. Making my own luck…"

In my opinion, the only other paradigm shift that's more 'inevitable' than the rise of Ace Austin in 2021 is Blake Christian. Inevitable being in essence unavoidable or inescapable. Its only a matter of time before Ace Austin will once again have to do battle with Blake Christian. Puns intended, yet accurate nonetheless, IMPACT indeed possesses an Ace in their pocket with Austin. However, on the flipside, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they realized the heart they could possess in their hand as well. A heart for the craft. The signing of All Heart Blake Christian would provide them that.

Two stars on the rise will eventually cross paths. As what comes up must come down, this time the Heart folded. It couldn't trump the Ace. A rematch in a gaming test of wills. Who will want it more? Who'll be more hungry? More motivated? Who'll have more at stake? What will they be willing to bet? As Ace Austin continues to make his own luck, fans will have to stay tuned in every Tuesday for more as IMPACT Wrestling 2021 revs its proverbial engines and rising ratings.

Genesis was just the beginning. Only time will tell. As the next PPV is less than a week away the possibilities are nearly endless. Hard to Kill PPV is almost here. 2021 is already exemplifying what the potential future of IMPACT is capable of and they are indeed hard to kill. Blake Christian may have lost this hand at Genesis to Ace Austin, but a new hand will be dealt soon as IMPACT Wrestling heads into the next PPV. Will making his own luck continue his rise as the face of IMPACT Wrestling and successful reign as potentially the youngest IMPACT World Champion?Consider Ace Austin's words marked. Inevitable. Unavoidable. Inescapable…

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