TAELER: AEW To Bring Back The Women's Casino Battle Royale

In recent news proceeding the AEW Double or Nothing PPV, Tony Khan announced that AEW has plans to bring back a feature match as it relates to the AEW Women's Division. As competition continues to grow with the influx of new talent, so too does the value of each and every opportunity for advancement in order to gain an edge over the rest of the women in AEW for the chance to advance towards AEW gold. One such sought after opportunity is a signature match of AEW and the subject of this piece. A match that will be a highlighted feature match at AEW Double or Nothing - the Men's Casino Battle Royale.

Tony Khan's news of AEW renewing the Women's Casino Battle Royale most likely at AEW's All Out PPV (date to be determined) will be a key opportunity for each and every female competitor residing in the AEW Women's Division. The last such opportunity was the AEW Women's World Elimination Tournament. The Women's Casino Battle Royale will present a unique opportunity for one woman to beat out all others and see herself become the number one contender to the AEW Women's Championship. Fans and wrestlers alike met AEW's announcement with pure excitement which is indicative of the time, money, focus and effort being meticulously pumped into the AEW Women's Division over the last year and and a half. A focus that has seen the rise of Tay Conti, Anna Jay, Red Velvet, Hikaru Shida, Thunder Rosa, Jade Cargill, Abadon, and Britt Baker.

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In my opinion, the time is ripe for the return of the Casino Battle Royale in the AEW Women's Division. I would have loved to have seen it featured at AEW Double or Nothing, however, I'm just happy to see its return regardless. The last AEW Women's Casino Battle Royale resulted in a major shift within the women's division and holds the promise to do so again. The last Women's Casino Battle Royale took place in 2019 during the beginning stages of the turning point for the AEW Women's Division. The Casino Battle Royale would ultimately see The Beast Nyla Rose outlast and beat out all others to become the number one contender for the AEW Women's Championship at that time held by the then reigning and defending inaugural AEW Women's Champion, Riho. Nyla Rosa would make good on cashing in her Number One Contender spot and defeated Riho in February of 2020, effectively ending the first reign of the first and youngest AEW Women's Champion…

Fast-forward to 2021, as Hikaru Shida has held the AEW Women's Championship for well over a year, a title she won after defeating the then AEW Women's Champion, Nyla Rose, Shida will head into the Double or Nothing PPV against arguably the biggest heel in AEW Women's Division Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. Hikaru Shida has withstood all challengers and obstacles in the women's division from an unforeseen pandemic to an elimination tournament and everything in between for over 365+ days. Squaring off against Britt Baker at Double or Nothing with her coveted title on the line against perhaps her biggest threat to date could prove to be her downfall.

On the other hand, if Shida does fall to Baker at Double or Nothing, Tony Khan's news of the return of the Women's Casino Battle Royale could be the very opportunity Hikaru Shida could utilize to once again make it to the top of the top in the AEW and thus the number one contender position to once again capture the AEW Women's Title. Or, if Dr. Britt Baker, DMD., comes up short in her war with Shida over the AEW Women's Title at Double or Nothing, the Casino Battle Royale could be the very opportunity Baker could use to her advantage just like the rest of the division who would all be vying for that exact advantage. Furthermore, the Casino Battle Royale could see a new star emerge. Perhaps the highly anticipated return of Anna Jay?

Either way, after Double or Nothing, the AEW Women's Division will not be the same as they make their way towards AEW All Out. With only one belt in the AEW Women's Division and numerous competitors, friendships will be tested, veteran experience will war with passion for the craft and unquenchable hunger for success. Newcomers will look to earn their own AEW contracts. Contracted women will stake their claim on the limited Casino Royale spots. All eyes on the prize - AEW championship gold. Stay tuned to AEW on TnT and TBS as things continue to heat up in the women's division. AEW is shaking things up and AEW All Out could potentially be a game changer for the women in AEW. Britt Baker. Riho. Penelope Ford. Tay Conti. Nyla Rose. Red Velvet. Diamante. Big Swole. Jade Cargill. Leyla Hirsch? Kris Statlander. Rebel. Hikaru Shida. Abadon… Who will reign supreme? New champion? Reigns ended? Title runs continue? Alliances broke? The pinnacle seat up for grabs? AEW history made…

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