TAELER: AEW Casino Tag Team Royale A New Approach

All Elite Wrestling is officially itching to roll their proverbial dice. With their next live PPV fast approaching 'Revolution' is certainly the appropriate word. Their upcoming PPV - AEW Revolution is set to air on March 7th and will showcase several high profile revolutionary matches. One of the standout attractions staking its claim for the PPV will highlight the work AEW has been putting into their Men's Tag Team Division.

The Casino Tag Team Royale match will highlight some of the most talented Tag Teams in Professional Wrestling that are currently signed to AEW on TNT. At AEW Revolution fans will witness a Tag Team Battle Royal style match pitting AEW Tag Teams against each other as each team fights to outlast all others. A test in strategy, resilience, fortitude, talent, teamwork, and ofcourse as the 'Casino' aspect of the name suggests, a little bit of luck too…

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The winning team will successfully secure for themselves a number one contender spot in the Tag Team Division. This highly sought after spot will inevitably position the winning team to challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Championship Titles currently held by The Young Bucks. With those extremely coveted titles also being defended at AEW Revolution, there's no telling what will happen. Ahead of AEW Revolution, The Young Bucks will prepare to exact some justifiable revenge on MJF and Chris Jericho after an assault of questionable motives was perpetrated by the ascending Inner Circle duo.

With so much mystery and uncertainty in the air, this is the perfect time for an uprising in the Men's Tag Team Division. With The Young Bucks distracted and potentially emotional as they head into AEW Revolution there's a good chance of a title change. However, not in MJF and Jericho's favor is the very same fact - emotion. By making the match irrevocably personal to the Young Bucks, the challengers have just added even higher stakes to the match. Essentially pouring gasoline on a bonfire. No one wants to lose when fighting to avenge loved ones…

Mere days away from the PPV, the timing couldn't be more ripe for the hopeful tag teams. Heading into AEW Revolution they'll have to survive and outlast every single other hopeful competitor in that ring. A feat not so easily accomplished when each competitor wants the exact same thing - the AEW World Tag Team Titles. Walking into the PPV on March 7th, each man in each Tag Team will set foot in the ring for the Casino Tag Team Royale where their team chemistry will be tested. Their very ability to think on their feet to circumvent obstacle after obstacle as individuals and as a team dictate a huge paradigm shift within the Division as a whole which could define their careers. Who's ready to roll? Who is feeling particularly lucky?

For the Casino Tag Team Royale, each team's entrance will be decided on luck or more accurately a lottery draw. Two teams will begin before the stakes get turned up and more complicated. Much to the tradition behind battle royals, every 90 seconds a new tag team will enter. Each competitor alone is capable of being eliminated. However, a team as a whole is officially eliminated from the match only after both members have been successfully taken out. A successful elimination requires three things: one - being thrown over the top rope, two - both feet touch the floor, and three - referees see it to call it…

Which team will bet against the house? As the clock ticks by 90 seconds at a time, whose strategy will outlast all others? Which team will crumble against the crippling odds? Which team will withstand each kick, punch, flailing limbs, dastardly elimination attempts, and tag teams to win the ultimate jackpot? Who will the winning team face with the AEW Tag Team Titles simultaneously on the line at the PPV? Will the number one contenders team take on The Young Bucks (AEW Tag Team Champions heading into the PPV) or will new champions be crowned and set their first title defense against the winning team from the Casino Tag Team Royale? Tune in live on March 7th at 8pm ET for the AEW Revolution PPV! Casino Royale Tag Team Royale, AEW Tag Team Title Match, Exploding Barbwire, Sting, Ladders, and so much more!

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