TAELER: AEW Star Anna Jay Will Be One To Look Out For in 2022

As an executive in this industry charged with the task of putting a division together and bringing a vision to life there are certain things that all executives consider. A tried and true formula if you will that although the minute details may vary, the overall characteristics remain the same. You want more established talent to utilize their buzz to also build up future stars while the mainstream star also continues to build themselves. You want TV ready looks. Charisma. In ring skills. Passionate employees. Healthy egos not overinflated senses of self-worth. You want stars you can build with the habits you want. Overall you are looking for a good attitude, talent, loyalty, coachability, charisma, good aesthetic, longevity, the total package. And that brings me to Anna Jay!

In my humble opinion as a woman in wrestling I think Anna Jay is exactly what you'd want. She's what you'd want as a fan, as an executive calling the shots, and as a fellow female competitor. With less than forty Pro Wrestling matches under her belt she has shown immense passion and unmatched innate talent that make her definitely a star on the rise. Her attitude is stellar. Her dedication to improvement is top-notch. And with each bout she gets better and better and doesn't give away her lack of experience in glaring way on TV which I cannot even begin to tell you how valuable that key ingredient actually is!

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Anna Jay's long awaited return to AEW after rehabbing an unfortunate injury is going to be the make or break time for her. Her talent extends way beyond her experience level. Her look for TV continues to be polished through each opportunity. She can walk, talk, and perform her heart out. I believe that she'll be perfectly able to capitalize on this forward momentum we are currently seeing since her return a few weeks ago. It is my opinion that an injury can be an invaluable learning experience by taking that time to refocus, reinvigorate, study, and reinvent one's self. Build on creativity and ingenuity. To essentially come back bigger better and strong and more focused than you were at the time of the aforementioned injury. And this speaks to the passion that Anna Jay has exhibited in her story line upon her highly anticipated return clashing with Allie and Penelope Ford on behalf of her BFF Tay Conti.

All in all, Anna Jay is most assuredly on my list of signed women to look out for in 2022. She's come back with vengeance. Anna Jay is simply put a great get by AEW. Whoever made that call was in my opinion spot on, and in their place, I would have done the same exact thing and made the exact same call. She is a talent that you good about investing in knowing that you will in the long run see a return on your investment. For her, you as the exec, AEW fans, and AEW the company as a whole. And I do feel that her and Tay Conti together are so ready for AEW Tag Team Gold. It's the perfect opportunity for those ladies to shine and set the tone for an AEW Women's Tag Team Division as BFF's, passionate athletes, the future of the company, and of course members of AEW's Dark Order. Anna Jay will come into her own heading into 2022 just you wait and see!

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