TAELER: The Age of the Virtuosa Deonna Purrazzo Continues

Since leaving WWE, The Virtuosa Deonna Purrazzo has been on a one woman mission to prove to all and sundry exactly what fuels the unstoppable force of the woman behind The Virtuosa. Deonna Purrazzo wasted no time with false flattering nary a pretty word when she set foot in the IMPACT Zone. Giving no apologies for her actions because she boldly proclaimed she didn't need any, she kicked open the door and grabbed exactly what she wanted - The IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Title. Since then there's been very little if anything or anyone to deter her on her journey to becoming the new longest reigning Knockouts Champion of all time.

As a young talent, Deonna Purrazzo is not in competition against time nor experience. Thus far in her career she's performed in various countries in the world and most of the major televised companies within the Pro Wrestling Industry. Making her way to IMPACT Wrestling was almost a homecoming if you will, as IMPACT was one of the first televised companies to give Deonna Purrazzo TV time very early on in her career. Fast-forward a hand full of years later and she sits herself quite comfortable upon highly sought after pinnacle seat at the top of the Knockouts Division.

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The Virtuosa Deonna Purrazzo continues to clash and impress upon IMPACT fans her ability to outmaneuver, out-strategize, and even outlast the very best competitors. From claiming the Knockouts Championship Title from Jordynne Grace, the woman who dethroned the longest reigning IMPACT Knockouts Champion and 3x Reina De Reinas Champion Taya Valkyrie. The two would do battle on IMPACT on AXS TV, in IMPACT Plus App specials, and yes on IMPACT PPV's. The feud would culminate in a historical IMPACT Knockouts Iron Woman match which saw The virtuosa once again making an example of her "competition."

Quotations obviously referencing the ironic detachment so often exhibited by Deonna Purrazzo herself in her disdain for Jordynne Grace and anyone else who has the audacity to think they can challenge The Virtuosa. An attitude that has seemingly thus far served well and is indicative of the fact that she is in her second successful reign as IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion, Iron Woman Winner, Main Eventer, and 2020 IMPACT Wrestler of the Year, and not to mention, fresh off of a huge Career vs. Title match win against future WWE Hall of Fame Inductee (if I may be so bold) The Phenom Jazz.

With recent news cirulating around social media of the impending return of another legendary Knockout, Deonna Purrazzo has already made her thoughts known on her own social media. Not worried in the least, and as I've previously said in prior Fightful.com articles, Deonna Purrazzo never being one to mice words, was unfazed by the trending news of the arrival for Former TNA IMPACT Wrestling Knockout and Former 2x Knockouts Tag Team Champion Taylor Wilde. Will things get wild for The Virtuosa? Or will The Virtuosa once again come out on top in a game of wits, strategy, physicality, and tenacity? As things continue to unfold within the Knockouts Division as all aim to capture championship gold and simultaneously knock down the forbidden door between IMPACT and AEW, I'll leave you with the words of the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo to Taylor Wilde, "Hello Taylor Wilde… welcome to The Age of the Virtuosa…"

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