TAELER: Aleah James Gains First Win In NXT UK

This most recent episode of NXT UK saw some great bouts. One that sticks out in my mind is the singles match between Xia Brookside and Aleah James. As I alluded to in a previous Fightful.com Feature that highlighted the exit of Kay Lee Ray and the reemergence Isla Dawn, I've happily noticed that NXT UK is putting forth great amounts of towards deeper character development. In recent episodes its become quite apparent that NXT UK is utilizing this as a means of displaying the immense potential of the stars under the NXT UK brand representing the future of WWE. And I'm honestly all for it! The development and new vignettes and cleverly booked segments has led to more attention being directed at the brand and truly shows how dedicated the NXT UK Stars are to their craft and subsequently the WWE Universe.

With that in mind, more than once, I've said that NXT UK has done a great job at helping their talents reach their fullest potentials as WWE Superstars and transitioning them to other brands under the WWE umbrella. One such star I've been elated to see in NXT UK is Aleah James. From the first time I saw her perform, I could tell she has that 'it' factor that you want to mold into the best version possible for this industry. Her recent bout with Xia Brookside is indicative of the aforementioned attention to detail in regard to character development. Gone are the days of, "oh, I'm a heel, so now I gotta be angry, and cheat…" The times have changed. We've evolved and WWE is expertly balancing an effective Sports Entertainment recipe of equal parts: old school in-ring psychology with a modern twist, training, and evolution through character development.

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This most recent episode would see Aleah James gain and in my opinion earn her first win in her WWE NXT UK career. Awesome! As a woman in wrestling and a writer, I couldn't be happier to see women like this succeeding and gaining valuable momentum in the pursuit of their WWE dreams. Impeccable! Aleah James, as per her social media, she's definitely leveling up. And that's incredible to see in real time. New gear. New attitude. New confidence. All the pieces are starting to fit together for James. She will be a promising future star in WWE.

Now with James winning, there obviously had to be a loss on the other end. Clearly this bout didn't go according to Xia Brookeside's plan being the competitor with more experience. In her loss Xia wasn't gracious. Nor did she extend any semblance of sportsmanship. And the slight was intended. A growing chip on Xia Brookeside's shoulder is looming over her in mocking deference leaving a nagging feeling of disdain. A perfect way to transition a character that has been known by the WWE Universe to be inherently good. To twist her in knots until she feels she will snap. And snap she does allowing her character to seamlessly turn heel in a relatable way in which most of us have felt at one time or another in our lives. That's money. Here's to hoping this continues to develop for both ladies and adds to the depth already present in the NXT UK Women's Division! A huge congratulations to Aleah James on gaining her very win in NXT UK. Here's to many more!

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