TAELER: Alex Gracia To Debut On AEW Dark!

Alex Gracia, the self proclaimed "Pink Dream," is in my opinion is one of the most amazing currently unsigned world traveling female wrestlers out there today. If I was running one of the televised companies, Alex Gracia would be a no brainer to sign. In such a short time, she has amounted a fantastic array of impressive accomplishments. How fantastic you may ask? Just you wait and read on… 

Gracia recently took to Twitter announcing to her fans about her much anticipated debut on AEW Dark this coming Tuesday on AEW's YouTube Channel. Among others set to appear, Alex herself will be taking on arguably one of AEW's jewels residing in their women's division - Penelope Ford. Penelope Ford has been on the rise since signing with AEW and has certainly been a topic of discussion in many of my Fightful articles over the last six months. Both ladies will be squaring off on Tuesday for AEW Dark along with at least another seven to eight other match ups currently advertised.

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Incredibly, AEW Dark will be including three women's singles matches. Three out of the nine scheduled matches on the show will be featuring women. On my podcast "Talks with Taeler Hendrix," Alex Gracia went into specific detail on a dream we've all shared as women who watched wrestling growing up - more opportunities to showcase hard working female wrestlers perhaps women who looked like us. Fast forward and we see so much progress from when we were young to today. AEW is in good company all proving this forward progress. The momentum has provided the opportunity to feature three women's singles matches on AEW Dark including Tay Conti Vs. Red Velvet and Nyla Rose accompanied by Vickie Guerrero Vs. Rache' Chanel...

For a while critics bashed AEW for its women's division. Many have seen or heard the comments filled with negative connotations surrounding Wrestling Twitter. However, I think the tides have changed. It's a new time in AEW and people are taking notice as they should. AEW is showcasing numerous women of varying ages, styles, looks, experiences, exposure, and so much more. The inclusion in and of itself is another dream come true for women. It's such a great time to be a fan and wrestler alike. So much opportunity for different brands and wrestlers. AEW has turned up its women's division tenfold with the hard work of its contracted talent as well as the hungering passion brought newcomers trying to secure their own contracts. Gracia will certainly be no exception.

Alex Gracia is a performer that in my opinion any televised company would be lucky to lock down. The total package. The looks, talent, experience, tv ready abilities, passion and longevity. In other words a great long term investment. She's got it all. The amount of sleeping on this girls' talent is in all honesty quite baffling. You wondered just how fantastic? Here we go. This Texas native in just under three short years has performed for WWE, ROH, Stardom in Japan, CMLL in Mexico, and all over the Independents including Booker T's Reality of Wrestling where I believe she is a champion. 

Alex Gracia has been many places and learned a great deal all in a fraction of the time it takes most of us. All the while maintaining such a refreshing attitude towards the business and not sacrificing a single ounce of her integrity. She discussed with me her inspirations as well as her underlying influences that fuel her every move in wrestling. For her, being a great representation of someone from her culture, which was missing when she was young as well as a dreamer accomplishing her dream all while being herself. Both of which Gracia takes to heart with every performance. For young girls to see her and believe that they can fulfill their dreams too. That is priceless to her and irrevocably immersed in the persona of "The Pink Dream," Alex Gracia.

On Tuesday, going head to head with Penelope Ford will be a great opportunity for Alex to gain even more much deserved exposure/notoriety. Both women are immensely talented. They are fiery and versatile. Exciting to watch and leave you wanting more of them. Both ladies will definitely deliver Tuesday night. We'll wait and see if Alex Gracia gets signed before my second Fightful installment of "2020 Top Female Free Agents To Look For in 2021" comes out. I'd honestly be elated! Be sure to check out AEW Dark on AEW's YouTube Channel for some kickass matches featuring some amazing women. AEW airs every Wednesday night on TNT. With the additions of Ivelisse, Diamante, Serena Deeb, Tay Conti and others carving out their own spots, AEW's Women's Division is making a fierce statement in case you haven't noticed. 


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