TAELER: AND NEW Women's Tag Team Champions Charlotte Flair And Asuka

Heading into WWE TLC, fans were taken for an emotionally genuine ride full of emotional ups and downs. Set back to the ultimate rising comeback. The Quintessential David versus Goliath story. Embarking on the road to WWE TLC was WWE's Lana. From bullying to her highlight in WWE Chronicle. To her training as much as possible in a pandemic. To Lana successfully becoming the sole Survivor at WWE's Survivor Seties PPV. Then on to Lana going through her fair share of tables and punishments at the had of the then Women's Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. To Lana gaining several wins over the champs much to their dismay and boiling point levels of rage and embarrassment. Lana ran the gambit. She won. Only to come up short and not by her own doing.

After Lana was effectively eliminated from being WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka's tag partner for WWE TLC, there was left a heavy void in which to fill. Who could fill it? Who would fill it? As the week went on, there was much speculation with numerous ladies throwing their proverbial hats into the ring. Would it be Naomi? Peyton Royce? Mandy Rose? Dana Brooke? Beth Phoenix? Bianca Belair? People even through around Becky Lynch's name. Now, while some have been angered over what they felt was a slight against the Riott Squad, I was happy to see who "answered" the call to arms so to speak. Namely The Queen herself, Charlotte Flair!

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Upon her return to the WWE, Charlotte Flair headed right into TLC accompanying Asuka in battle against Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. Battle being the appropriate word. I honestly loved seeing Charlotte in this position. It made sense to me. Like the final move resulting in a checkmate move after a prolonged intense game of chess. All the pieces were set up as just so. Each move flawlessly lead into a delayed trap, luring into a false sense of security. This was Lana's rise. WWE's emotional trap. The Queen returns. Checkmate…

Asuka has been no stranger to Charlotte and vis versa. Both have battled and taken from each other. Add on top of that hornets nest the fact that Nia Jax is who took out Charlotte resulting in her hiatus from the WWE. Add on top of that even further with Shayna having a chip on her shoulder after Charlotte went toe to toe with Rhia Ripley and gaining the Women's NXT Title. It all adds up. Asuka and Charlotte was a great choice that ties everything in together after months and months of gaps. In an intense way the villains got their just desserts and will be looking for payback.

As spoken by Charlotte and Asuka, they'll now need a killer Tag Team name to go with their shiny titles. And they've deferred to the fans to help them out. I see Asuka and Charlotte as a great means upon which to build up the Riott Squad, a comeback story about retribution for Lana. Possibly an epic pairing of Naomi and Bianca Belair which I'm dying to see. I also see some good that can come from Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. More emphasis on the Tag Team Division is most definitely achievable with Asuka and Charlotte Flair building them up even more. At least for several months, fingers crossed.

I'd most assuredly keep my eyes on the Riott Squad over the next few months as Asuka and Flair are sure to be a fighting tag team. Thus welcoming all challengers. Ending 2020 and kicking off the 2021 Royal Rumble and subsequently the road to Wrestlemania! Perhaps Lana will return at some point on that rad and be backed by her own tag partner. Perhaps Becky Lynch? Lynch who's definitely no stranger to Asuka and Charlotte Flair both. That would be an impeccable opportunity for Lana to come back with and rise. Until then Asuka will be fighting to hold both her Raw Championship Title she earned from Becky Lynch and simultaneously her Tag Team Titles. Titles she now holds with the Queen herself, Charlotte Flair. Only time will tell…

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