TAELER: AND NEW X-Division Champion, Ace Austin

IMPACT Wrestling recently hosted Sacrifice - their March special on the IMPACT Plus App. The special featured several key championship matches for IMPACT fans that will lead to IMPACT's next special Justice and the next PPV, Rebellion on April 24th. Sacrifice pitted champion against champion. It aimed to shake up the entire Women's Divisions. And it highlighted the promising future of the company when it crowned a new X-Division Champion.

Sacrifice saw the then reigning X-Division Champion, TJ Perkins going one on one with IMPACT Wrestling's resident Ace - Ace Austin. Walking into Sacrifice, Ace Austin was the epitome of confidence galore and then some. Having already done battle with Black Taurus, Chris Bey, and TJ Perkins, all in order to get to Sacrifice as the number one contender, Ace Austin would say his presence in the championship match was the very definition of inevitable. Just like his upward trajectory on the ladder of success within IMPACT Wrestling, he walked into Sacrifice with an indelible unshakable sense of inevitability. To his mind, it wasn't a matter of if, but when…

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Winning the X-Division Title from TJ Perkins, Ace Austin promises its only the beginning. At only twenty-four years old, early on in his career, Ace Austin now finds himself to be a 2x X-Division Champion. I've said it before and I'll say it again, talents like Chris Bey, Madman Fulton, Ace Austin, and several others are the future of IMPACT Wrestling. They are impeccable examples of the forward progress made in the industry and provide a breath of fresh air into the lungs of IMPACT Wrestling. IMPACT Wrestling's very foundation was built on the idea of being different. Of being revolutionary. Of building the future. With Ace Austin recapturing the X-Division Title, they are finally returning to their roots. The very roots that wove the fabric of the company in its founding stages.

Going forward you can expect to see the continued elevation of competition within the X-Division. With an ever growing target on Ace Austin's back as he now holds the coveted X-Division Title, TJ Perkins, Chris Bey, Black Taurus and others will all be itching for the opportunity to add their names to the proverbial IMPACT Wrestling history books that have highlighted men like AJ Styles. This Tuesday the new X-Division Champion will be defending his newly gained title against the very man he defeated at Sacrifice - TJ Perkins. As the former champion, its well within TJ's right to have a rematch. As the competitor with more experience he has a slight edge over Ace Austin. However, with that said, there's no telling what kind of ace is up Ace Austin's sleeve. Being accompanied by Madman Fulton, Austin wouldn't be above less than legal measures with which to hold onto his coveted championship. Both as a means to an end continuing his climb to the top, further proving the inevitability of him one day becoming IMPACT Wrestling World Champion.

After this Tuesday, if successful, Ace Austin will have to stay ready as IMPACT's next special will be right around the corner. Regardless of how inevitable Ace Austin may think his success may be, he better keep both eyes open as his fellow competitors vie for the number one contender position. The prime spot that he himself used at Sacrifice to advance himself to the very championship gold he now aims to keep. Those very same aforementioned competitors who know the new X-Division Champion well. Perhaps too well for comfort for Ace Austin. Not to mention the unforseen challenges to his title reign with the possibility of competitors crossing over into the X-Division from AEW looming over Ace Austin. Tune in to IMPACT on AXS T.V., to see if TJ Perkins will once again sit atop the X-Division as Champion, or if Ace Austin's hunger for success in the business prevails proving too much for TJ Perkins in his rematch…

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