TAELER:: Female WWE Superstar To Join The Hurt Business...?

In a recent interview with Complex, following his own win over The Miz, the newly crowned WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley provided some great food for thought for the fans in the WWE Universe. Full of speculation and mystery. Fast on the heels of his championship win, Fightful.com referenced reported that Bobby Lashley and The Hurt Business have floated the idea and furthermore the added potential for a female addition to the immensely successful WWE Faction.

Under the experienced guidance of WWE Superstar MVP, The Hurt Business have risen through the main roster ranks and are currently sporting some insanely coveted gold belts around their waists. To be the woman added to such a prestigious faction could be life changing. An opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity not to be taken lightly, and certainly should be approached with a sense of attachment to the role as if feeling its you and indicative of your own journey. A personal belief in the very idea itself. If this sort of identification with the role isn't felt, the fans won't feel it either.

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As alluded to by the WWE Champion himself, the addition needs to make sense and add their own value. In my opinion, Bobby Lashley and MVP are spot on. It's better to go all in instead of half-assed. As my grandmother used to say, "half measures never see the job done…" To this day I firmly believe that.

For The Hurt Business, a female joining the successful group has to be able to hold her own. The ability to stand out while simultaneously fitting into the group. A woman to carry her own responsibility as well as adding to the already existing level of performance excellence built by The Hurt Business. A certain trust equity that's invaluable. The timing and subsequently the choice need to be right. The essence of the group needs to be present in the very foundation of the woman they choose to represent their faction on top of what the mystery woman already stands for on her own. In the aforementioned Complex interview with The WWE Champ, Bobby Lashley, throws hints to the fact that they have discussed this possibility in great detail resulting in several names.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall for those discussions! Regardless, the intent behind what would lead to a decision for or against is unanimous as the group comes together from a unified front. What they'd want. The if's abundant while not relinquishing the irrevocable potential for a female addition. When reported on by Fightful, fans immediately flocked to the idea of WWE Superstar Naomi. The WWE Universe was almost wholeheartedly hoping for Naomi. A feat not so easily accomplished with the attitude of the online wrestling community. However, with that point made, I'd like to throw my own choice into the mix. A choice I've come to by means of study, in ring experience, and an eye for talent.

The Hurt Business has the position advantage going forward. Looking adversity straight in the face and punching its' lights out. Said adversity coming to, staring up from the flat of it's back, just in time to see The Hurt Business' names up in lights. Firmly grasping their hands around championship gold. When I think of this imagery in terms of equal parts a promo - a look - an intensity - innate talent and in ring ability- underutilized or untapped potential- no stranger to adversity who still possesses credibility - a passion that supercedes insurmountable odds… In my opinion, it all adds up to the Latina Sensation Mercedes Martinez. What a perfect way to make the transition to the main roster from NXT than by way of The Hurt Business?

Imagine the statement The Hurt Business could make by scouring the rosters and taking an NXT Superstar… A 19+ year veteran. A badass Latina. A mother. A woman who is unapologetically herself representing everything she stands for and kicks ass while doing it. As MVP has stressed, there's really no other feeling as a young impressionable child than seeing heroes who look like you. Making you feel like you can do anything! If they did it then so too can you! As a child, there's no substitute for that kind of positive identifiable influence. It's that essence that can change the next generation.
If given the opportunity, there's much Mercedes Martinez could draw on for inspiration from her own journey in life and to the WWE. Picture: Mercedes Martinez in a slick badass high profile outfit standing alongside The Hurt Business as they take her to Championship gold. Perhaps built up to go the Raw Women's Championship. I cannot fathom a single con in this idea. But who knows. What I do know is there's a lot of grit, tenacity, dedication, respect, and gumption in going with a choice like Mercedes Martinez. An established veteran. An NXT Superstar. A Pro Athlete. A mother.

Only time will tell. But I implore readers to continue to speculate and turn over ideas in their own minds as The Hurt Business has been doing. Be thoughtful. Be articulate and not just hopeful. If you let Naomi rise up the Tag Team Division with Lana. If you let Bianca Belair shine as she is right now. Consider Mercedes Martinez. Appreciate the talent out there and who they could be inspiring to one day be the future of the business themselves. The perfect ending to this article are words from the Latina Sensation herself - Mercedes Martinez: youtu.be/7QXX2wLX9xk

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