TAELER: Former WWF Womens Tag Team Champion Princess Victoria Is Set To Release Her Autobiography

Last month a press release was issued with anticipated announcing a long awaited autobiography. Eat Sleep Wrestle, LLC., will be partnering with Former WWF Womens Tag Team Champion Princess Victoria a.k.a Vicki Otis for the writing and release of her own autobiography. Princess Victoria's book is set to be released shortly in spring 2021. This book will indeed be a page turner highlighting some of the many stories of arguably one of the toughest ladies of the squared circle that helped pave the way for women like me today. To say this book will be hard hitting (pun intended) is quite the understatement. As stated in the press release, the woman behind Princess Victoria promises to pull no punches as she tells stories about life before, during, and after wrestling. Eat Sleep Wrestle, LLC., promises tears, laughs, and to walk away inspired.

As a woman in the business, I cannot put into words how much I anticipate the release of Princess Victoria's book, and how indebted I am to her for her contributions to the women's wrestling. As Vicki Otis herself spoke on my podcast 'Talks with Taeler Hendrix,' her main goal is to give back to those who truly want it and love it. People like she herself was when she was wrestling claiming a bitter vet helps no one and she refuses to become one. Thus proving that the women's revolution in wrestling didn't simply start out of thin air over the last decade, but in fact, has been burning bright because of women like Princess Victoria and her peers for decades…

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On my podcast Princess Victoria goes into vivid detail on wrestling in Madison Square Garden, wrestling in Japan, defending the WWF Tag Team Titles with Velvet McIntyre, training under Fabulous Moolah, her deep friendship with Sensational Sherri,of being a proud product of the Pacific Northwest training under Sandy Barr, and more. Her book will be even more vivid as she ties everything together. Overcoming childhood traumas, paying her dues, training, working alongside legendary childhood heroes such as Roddy Piper and Buddy Rose, getting permanently injured, and more. Memories to which she credits today as fueling her resolve to give back to younger talents like me that want to listen, learn, and grow in the business she loved and made her name in.

Writing this article makes me immensely proud as I'm able to gush over how much I've directly and indirectly learned from this woman. As a nobody about to be released from TNA, I happened to have been booked at a convention and I met Princess Victoria. As I've retold over and over, I was elated and introduced myself. She proceeded to forgo making money and instead invited me to sit down and watch some of my work. Instead of focusing on herself and dismissing me, she spent an hour critiquing and elevating me and my work. Work that years later she'd tell me she was proud of. This is indicative of the woman Princess Victoria is. A gem from an underrated generation that rarely receives their due. Veterans that we desperately need today…

As cited in the press release, Princess Victoria's career took off when she went to work for The Fabulous Moolah. While controversial, it was there where she would immerse herself among women that helped pave the way for and simultaneously create the gold standard of a legendary era of Womens Wrestling. Leilani Kai, Judy Martin, Wendy Richter, Peggy Lee Rockin Robin, Velvet McIntyre, Penny Banner, and more. Princess Victoria's career found her touring in legendary places. Among these women, Princess Victoria would amass quite a resume of accomplishments. Accomplishments such as former WWF Women’s Tag Team Champion, NWA Women’s USA Champion, and 2x NWA Womens Tag Team Champion. She also went on to receive the Women’s Wrestling Award from The Cauliflower Alley Club in 2018.

While representing her Native American culture, she became one heck of a star with a sense of humor to match! But unfortunately what goes up must eventually come down. In the wrestling business, that's the variable we often count on in our matches yet seldom do we prepare for it as it relates to our careers. And Princess Victoria experienced the cut throat mentality of the business she loved when her career was cut short. Cut short by a devastating injury in the ring. All at once, the bright light of the business that gave her new life betrayed her and left her feeling bereft. Eat Sleep Wrestle, LLC., promises the heart-breaking truth about how The Fabulous Moolah and the WWF turned on her…"

This book indeed boasts epic and entertaining stories that wrestling fans will love complete with twists, turns, laughs, cringes, and ribs. However, in this, there's so much more and wrestling is only one part of her journey exemplifying the gumption and fortitude of Vicki Otis - the woman behind Princess Victoria. Candidly, Vicki will make herself vulnerable to her readers as she shares her story of survival. Of overcoming and taking the word survive and turning it into thrive. she endured unimaginable abuse as a child. Then finding her way to Pro Wrestling. Seeing the wrestling business as a chance. A chance for a new and better life that she needed. A way out. Becoming Princess Victoria was her ticket. The next time people would see her name, it'd be up in lights. Lights so bright then without warning snatched away without a second glance. Fighting hervway out of the dark to finding a way to breathe again and with purpose. Don't miss out on this must read!

"The autobiography of Princess Victoria by Vicki Otis and John Cosper will be released in the spring of 2021 in paperback on Amazon and EatSleepWrestle.com - Eat Sleep Wrestle, LLC, publishes books about the history of professional wrestling written or co-written by John Cosper. Previous releases include the autobiographies of Dr. D David Schultz, Mad Man Pondo, Hurricane JJ Maguire, Tracy Smothers, and Scott Romer as well as the biographies of Elvira Snodgrass and “The Black Panther” Jim Mitchell. Eat Sleep Wrestle can be found on the web at eatsleepwrestle.com"

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