TAELER: Free Agent To Look For in 2022: Notorious Mimi Pro Wrestling's Number One Angel

While the title of this piece may seem wordy, this star is certainly on the rise and has earned every single word. Pro Wrestling's Number One Angel, Notorious Mimi is most definitely a star on the rise. She has been slowly making a name for herself that will far exceed the expectations of her competition which further cements her legacy in the next generation of women's wrestling. With each match I've seen from Mimi, I continue to be impressed. Impressed by both her gumption for one so young. Impressed by her progress. And perhaps most importantly, impressed by her overall presentation as she continues on her upward trajectory in this industry...

While still young in her career, Mimi has already amassed quite the impressive resume of admirable accolades on the Independents. So much so that she's seen more success than most can boast in ten years, let alone her short time in the industry. Mimi has held multiple titles in spite of a global pandemic as well as several appearances for AEW and several notable opponents including Lady Frost, Vita Von Starr, Kieran Hogan, and others.

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From an office perspective considering such aspects as longevity, marketability, demographics, investments, presentation, risk, and whatnot, I feel Pro Wrestling's Number One Angel is a talent who's worth the investment and would give me a well-deserved return on said investment. She has longevity. She has marketability written all over her. Her look is nearly polished with needing only a few adjustments. Her look is easily matched in her talent and in-ring abilities. Its my opinion that if signed, within two years she'd be ready for full time status on TV. And I stand by that...

From Mimi's gear, to her entrance and her expressions, and the in-ring work she continues to grow with, she's clearly studying hard. Putting actions to her passion. Her Pro Wrestling dream. She's honing her craft which is evident. There's a difference between working a live crowd and working on live TV. She gets that concept. And honestly, that speaks to the impeccable training being done at Monster Factory where Mimi hails from.

For a long time now I've considered Monster Factory as one of the top schools in the entire country. I hold their training in high esteem. I think of Monster Factory as being up there with Ohio Valley Wrestling where I'm from. I've found that not all schools understand how to hone the "IT" factor in individuals. And they most definitely don't all know how to teach working on TV. They usually just teach moves to anyone who can pay. And they seldom focus on how to tell a story with said moves and how certain mannerisms caught on camera can change the vibe of said move... so forth and so on.

This is always why I believe and say often that if you want to be a successful superstar in the Pro Wrestling Industry then you shouldn't go to just any ol' school that's local. If you truly want it, then put yourself in the best possible position for success. What does that mean? Go to a school with a reputation for success. A school who produces unique stars. A school who trains superstars the likes of whom you want to be. Notorious Mimi is a great example of this and is a credit to her school. To Monster Factory. She represents not only the promising future of women's wrestling, but also the promising future of the Monster Factory school.

In my opinion, as a woman in Pro Wrestling, and an avid fan of wrestling, Monster Factory is right up there with OVW in Kentucky, Highspots School in North Carolina, and Santino Bros in California. Pro Wrestling's Number One Angel, Notorious Mimi is indicative of the dedication being put forth by these schools, and the future stars of this business. The more I see of Mimi, the more confident I am in her innate abilities and her indelible talent as a star on the rise. I'm immensely excited to see all the success waiting for this girl in the very near future. Cheers to Monster Factory and to Pro Wrestling's Number One Angel! For all of these reasons and more, Notorious Mimi is officially on my Fightful.com list of Female Free Agents To Look For In 2022!

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