TAELER: Friday Nights Are Heating Up On WWE Smackdown

I'm going to say it and I'll make zero apologies for it - I'm here for WWE Smackdown! Things are certainly heating up as the title of this feature suggests. Toni Storm. Charlotte Flair. Naomi. Xia Lee. Sonya Deville. Shayna Baszler. Sasha Banks...the list goes on. Smackdown is on fire! The talent currently residing in the blue brand under the WWE umbrella are nothing short of amazing. The impeccable and growing Smackdown roster puts me in agreement with Sasha Banks. It is definitely on par with Monday Night Raw and boasts some killer women's wrestling as well as entertainment for a well rounded show to kick off your weekend.

The recent Smackdown debut of Xia Lee was awesome. As I'm sure was intentional by WWE, yet incredible nonetheless, Xia Lee looked straight out of a badass video game/comic book. I love this! In a digital age that'll be great for the kids and for Xia Lee's main roster tenure as she successfully transitions from NXT to Smackdown. Yes. Yes. And yes!

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Overall, Xia Lee looked like a full-fledged WWE Superstar. Her own custom stand-alone look. Her own wicked entrance. Her gear was top-notch. She stood out in a segment that had a whose who of long-standing roster members. Not to mention some comeuppance being had by the deserving Sonya Deville with some just desserts as a side dish in favor of Naomi. Who else is feeling that glow?

And as an additional point, Naomi's acting was spot on and her actions made complete sense in her multi-person segment. She showed a range of emotions from anger, to coming up with a plan of attack by taking out the biggest threat, and then letting the second threat come to her saving energy for her actual opponent. She then exhibited a pensive energy and rightfully so as she waited readily to see which way the wind would blow with the emergence of The Protector Xia Lee. A very well-written segment.

Either way this goes I'd love to see a successful singles run for Naomi, but I wouldn't be mad at seeing a cool new tag team form with her for the somewhat smaller WWE Women's Tag Team Division and bringing that gold to Smackdown more frequently. This would highlight Naomi, Smackdown, and add another formidable tag team in the WWE Women's Tag Team Division. A triple win if you ask me...

Now while Toni Storm's DQ win over the Smackdown Women's Champion is a huge resume booster for Storm, Charlotte Flair made sure the damage was done at the expense of her competitor. This seems to be laying further groundwork for Flair versus Banks. Which I don't think any of us would be mad at as both have an extensive track record of excellence when performing under pressure and carry the weight of forward pushing opportunities and smashing through glass ceilings.

Tune in to Friday Night Smackdown this coming week to witness the fallout from last week. WWE Superstars are preparing to close out 2021 in success in order to begin anew in 2022. And as any member of the WWE Universe knows, a new year means a new road paved towards Wrestlemania which all begins at the Royal Rumble. Will new Women's Tag Team Champions be crowned before the new year?

Will Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H reclaim their tag team gold? Will Sonya Deville remain one step ahead of Naomi walking into 2022? Has Naomi finally got Deville's number punched? Will Sasha Banks get her hands on Flair before 2022's Royal Rumble? Currently, I'm very happy with the Smackdown product and whete its ultimately heading smashing to bits the preconceived notion that its the inferior brand. Stay tuned and share with us here at fightful.com, which Smackdown Superstar you're most excited to see have a successful 2022?!

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