TAELER: Here's To You, Jon Huber

Over the last week, the wrestling community as a whole came together in a sense of collective mourning. It is extremely rare for those in the business and fans alike to come together in such resounding widespread solidarity. And yet, over the last week, hand in hand, the industry did exactly that. We embarked on a celebration of life. An ode to the impeccable loss felt by so many but none more so than his family. The echoing sentiments filled with shock, sadness, pride, tears, laughs, and so much more. So much more that I couldn't possibly even begin to add up the intrinsically priceless value of a person the likes of Jon Huber, a.k.a Brodie Lee/Luke Harper…

Gone too soon doesn't put into words the effect Jon Huber had on so many during the course of his life. To say he was a genuine soul doesn't do justice to the man he truly was. Nor does it shed light on the dotingly loving husband he was to his wife Amanda. Or the proud dad he became for his two sons Brodie and Nolan. Or even the son he himself was, who aspired to be an exemplary example of a dad just like his own dad's image. Nor does it cover the hilarious friend he always was to those fortunate enough to have called him their friend.

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Its been my experience that immensely genuine and good hearted people seldom thrive in the Pro Wrestling Industry without sacrificing their own integrity. Yet, here I am, failing miserably to dictate just how genuine a soul Jon Huber was and is forever still. It is my wholehearted belief that Jon's example of being a good human being will irrevocably change this business for the better. Inspiring people to aspire for better. To do better. To be better. To be kinder. To laugh more. To perform your heart out more. To show up more. To be more honest. To hold yourself with more gumption. To put more effort into showing those whom you love just how much they mean to you. To use more guts when going after your dreams. And to never take for granted our time.

Of all the times I crossed paths with Jon Huber, I never once saw an act of disrespect, disdain, or prejudice. His enthusiasm for life was contagious. Positivity filled with humor. An essence of honesty, integrity, gumption, and excellent work ethic. A testament to the man are all the stories flooding your social media feeds and your T.V. screens. Most of which were done by Jon not for fame or notoriety, but instead because of who he was. From his family, to the WWE, to Impact, and most especially AEW. It is with complete earnestness that I implore the Fightful.com readers to learn from the loss felt by the passing of Jon Huber. If you could only have one take away from Jon Huber and his family, let it be this, the difference between grateful and full of regret.

It is often through eulogies that we as human beings express our affections for the people we love. The people who've impacted us, molded us, took a chance on us, guided us, and changed us. The problem with eulogies is that the people we speak of aren't there in the physical sense to hear how much they meant to us. Don't wait for a eulogy. Be grateful for all the things you can take the time to say and show while people are still around to hear your words in person whether via phone, text, email, a letter, etc. Don't be full of regret for all the things you could have taken the time to say and show but didn't. Often thinking you have more time to do so. Take the time to be sincerely grateful instead of dreadfully regretful.

Many went to bed last night with To Do lists for today that will forever remain unfinished with unsaid words and unexpressed feelings. Afterall, today is tomorrow's yesterday. The sudden loss of Jon Huber is indicative of the precious nature of time. Here's to you Jon Huber! May you forever leave a lasting impression on this business, its fans, and most especially your beautifully loving wife and sons. You were and forever will be a standard they will look up to some day. May you be forever immortalized through your contributions not only to this industry but also the world. May your free authenticity of love, guts, and gumption be felt long after through your children and some day your grandchildren. May you have the best seat up there where you can continue to watch over, guide, love, and cheer for the people who loved you most. Here's to you Jon Huber. Here's to you…

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