TAELER: Isla Dawn Unleashed In NXT UK

Okay Fightful readers, this is a time I've been waiting for. As a Pro Wrestler and writer myself, I have seen so much promise waiting for the right moment to unleash Isla Dawn on the WWE Universe. As the current WWE shakeups have made their way reverberating and trickling down through the brands we've seen some openings leaving gaps that need to be filled. Questions would arise on who would rise to answer the call. Who would earn their time to shine and showcase what they are truly capable of as the future of The WWE? I've been not so patiently waiting for this…

Recent vignette packages have left bread crumbs so to speak for fans to follow and breathe renewed life into NXT Star Isla Dawn. As a talent, in my opinion, Isla Dawn has a very good unique look that is easy to present to a PG WWE audience without any other talent on the roster sharing any semblance of her or her gimmick. Her talent is there, and her growing tenure in NXT UK has been a great proving ground as she grows into her fullest potential as a WWE Superstar. All in all, a great get by WWE. Cheers to whomever decided to scoop her up from The Independents, it is a decision I would have definitely made.

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Speaking of her recent NXT UK vignettes, the video packages themselves are indicative of what to expect from the up-and-coming WWE NXT UK Star in the weeks to come as she prepares to face off against fellow NXT UK star Subculture's Dani Luna. Isla Dawn is clearly getting her own opportunity to prove her worth as NXT UK starts to put renewed focus on several of the divisions stars. The vignettes are a perfect balance wickedness and suspenseful entertainment without being corny or insulting to fans which is a hard line to balance and yet is seamlessly being done by Isla Dawn. I personally would keep them going and play with the wicked madness as Isla's character continues to develop and evolve with her storylines. The potential is there and in my opinion it writes itself, content I'd really sink my teeth into…

Keep your eyes on Isla Dawn because among other things I do see that this could very well be the beginning of a wicked year. A well-deserved shot at the spotlight at the perfect time - proving darkness is indeed on the rise in NXT UK. Inescapable and all-consuming. The still and chill before the eclipsing storm. Isla Dawn is making her presence known and her intentions clear. Her way up the ranks of the NXT UK Women's Division and reaching out towards that pinnacle seat have been marked beginning with Dani Luna. This is only the beginning. A paradigm shift is on a collision course aiming to shatter the NXT UK Women's Division…going forward I think you can expect a lot more from Isla Dawn, Nina Samuels, Aoife Valkyrie, Jinny Couture, Dani Luna, and Blair Davenport. All of them are vying for the opportunity to gain an edge over the rest of the competition and stare into the face of opposition in the form of the NXT UK Women's Champion, The Final Boss Meiko Satomura! Tune in weekly to see the stars of WWE NXT UK!

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