TAELER: Jonathan Gresham Sets The Foundation For Final Battle

In a few short days, Ring of Honor will host its flagship PPV - Final Battle. With the 2020 pandemic hitting hard, the company's future looks to lay down 'the foundation' for what's to come. An essential exclamation point punctuating this PPV. As 2020 comes to a close, Pro Athlete's like 'The Foundation' Jonathan Gresham, will be doing just that by aiming to essentially hype up momentum heading towards 2021…

If you've kept up on my prior Fightful.com articles, you'll have seen my strong opinions on the vast and versatile talents of Jonathan Gresham. His immensely honed in ring style as well as his passion for his craft make him, in my opinion, the 'future' foundation of ROH. Furthering my aforementioned point from earlier this year is Gresham's being ROH Tag Team Champions and becoming ROH Pure Champion. I wouldn't be surprised to see him as a Triple Crown Champion to be honest. Add him into the T.V title foray or even a lengthy storyline pitting him as a fighting double champion winning his way up the roster. All while simultaneously holding those 2 titles. And thus then beating the current reigning World Champion Rush to become ROH World Champion himself. Lots of potential there.

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Regardless of either of my pitches, Jonathan Gresham will be pulling double duty at Final Battle. Both of Gresham's titles will be on the line and defended. This will be giving him a major portion of the T.V. time and responsibility as he'll represent two title matches on a currently 10 match announced card with ofcourse the card already being subject to changes due to this pandemic stricken year.

In my mind, I'm irrevocably elated to see Gresham rise to this occasion at Final Battle. He's been one of many Wrestling Stars who hasn't been able to perform. Being prevented from doing what they love since the Covid 19 shutdowns in March has been a hard struggle many in the industry didn't see coming. Gresham however, while side-lined, has been doing his best to stay in shape, T.V. ready, and mentally prepared for his first time back in almost nine months. The response online for Gresham has far outweighed numerous others with several thousand fans and wrestlers alike showing support for Gresham proving once and for all that he is indeed 'The Foundation.' Pensive it seems is not in the double champion's vocabulary as he heads into this PPV.

I'm intrigued to see how the ROH Pure Championship match unfolds at Final Battle as ROH Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham squares off with the challenger, Flip Gordon. Both are insanely talented performers. Both men working their way from the bottom up. Shattering preconceived notions and stereotypes simultaneously. Both are extremely versatile in skill and possess innate abilities on top of extensive in ring experience. Familiarity with each other and their hunger to succeed will definitely play out in this bout.

With Final Battle being Gresham's first opportunity back in the ring, the best possible outcome to end 2020 would be him leaving Final Battle still holding both titles and one step closer to another - perhaps The World Championship. After Final Battle we'll see who will be World Champion be it the immovable force Rush or challenger Brody King. Rush versus Gresham with all three titles on the line sounds like a killer way to initiate the new year come 2021…

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