TAELER: Kay Lee Ray Puts NXT Women's Division On Notice

Fast on the heels of WWE SummerSlam was NXT Takeover 36. What a weekend for the WWE Universe, am I right?! Friends turned foes. Champions were challenged. Stars reemerged. Titles changed hands. Some journeyed up to the main roster. Others parted ways. Grudges turned to all out war. Hits and misses. Stories told and voices heard. And of course violence aplenty. The WWE Universe true to form tuned into NXT for the fall out after the shakeups resulting from NXT Takeover 36. As changes to WWE are felt marking the end of one era and the beginning of another, NXT was definitely not exempt. Change imminent…

The fighting spirit that is the lifeblood of the black and gold brand underwent some serious changes in recent weeks. NXT Takeover 36 was no exception and the fall out were directly linked to this paradigm shift. One such force came in the form of the very formidable Scary Queen of Scots herself, Kay Lee Ray. KLR was seen backstage and issued a warning of what was to come when she officially set foot in NXT leaving the crowd with a sense of foreboding which I'm sure was her aim all along. Like any competitor confident in their craft and skills, their focus solely on gold, her intentions were clear and concise. A competitor the likes of Kay Lee Ray is indicative of what you want coming from NXT. Making her official transition from NXT UK to NXT is just one of the many shakeups that's opening more doors for talent especially the very deserving talents residing in NXT UK, like KLR.

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As it would come to pass KLR would in fact make her official debut in the aftermath of NXT Takeover 36 when she took on fellow up-and-coming NXT Star Valentina Feroz in a winning effort. The Scary Queen of Scots officially set up residence under the NXT banner. Starting out her new record of one win and zero losses at NXT after an impressive title reign in NXT UK, that in spite of the pandemic, lasted for well over 630+ days before falling to the veteran competitor, The Final Boss Meiko Satomura. The Scary Queen of Scots KLR is one of several NXT UK talents making new homes for themselves in various WWE brands representing their roots and all they are capable of as they use each and every opportunity to reach their fullest potentials as the future of the WWE as WWE Superstars.

Kay Lee Ray is already making an impression on the NXT Women's Division. With her first win in NXT under her belt, she's proving that her words are easily backed up with her actions, and that is the mark of a true threatening competitor for someone like NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez. A win over a black belt in Judo and Jiu Jitsu is not an easy feat to accomplish and KLR did exactly that when she prevailed in her bout against Valentina Feroz. We can expect to see a lot more coming from Kay Lee Ray in the weeks to come as she makes herself at home in NXT, rising up the ranks where I can safely assume she's embarking on an upward trajectory towards the status of number one contender for the NXT Women's Championship and subsequently for Raquel Gonzalez. Cheers to KLR on her successful NXT debut and to the matches to come. Tune in to NXT weekly to see the fighting future calling the black and gold brand home in the WWE!

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