TAELER: Killer Kelly Taking A Break From Wrestling To Heal Up

In a recent post NXT UK Star, Killer Kelly broke her silence on what was happening for her behind the scenes. She lets her fans know of her intentions going forward and what it all means for her. Now, I felt the need to write this piece to highlight Killer kelly as I personally know the gumption she had to have had in putting into motion this painstakingly gut-wrenching move to take a hiatus for her health. Certain injuries are of course par for said course. However, some injuries have far more dire consequences than others. And the decision to take a break and fix things isn't always an easy choice to make especially when a star feels they are gaining momentum and on the rise. We often rationalize all the reasons we should take a break as reasons why we should suck it up and stick it out. But to what end..?

In my opinion, Killer Kelly, shows a lot of wisdom in her choice to leave and seek answers and treatment to ultimately come back to NXT UK better than what she is now. Her position now is one I am all too familiar with much to my own dismay at that time. And as I found out with my own breathing issues, optimal breathing for a competing athlete is one hundred percent essential. You don't truly realize how much you take for granted until there's a noticeable change that affects your performance. As a Pro Athlete your health is essential for you, for your opponents, and for the fans who believe in you, and of course the company who invested in you when they hired you. And in seeking out help for her health issues, Killer Kelly has demonstrated, what in my opinion, is a show of responsibility and accountability that WWE I'm sure is proud of as they consider their WWE Superstars as role models representing their company.

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With Killer Kelly publicly addressing the reason for her hiatus, and what she means to do about it, I feel it shows younger talent an extremely valuable lesson that was once taught to me by for WWE NXT Superstar, Mercedes Martinez. She once taught me that your health is paramount. It's priceless to you, your brand, and you ultimate success in the business. If you don't take care of you now, you might not have the future you deserve in the business. She went on to say that Wrestling will always be here. You can always come back, but if you don't take care of injuries as they come, they'll turn into bigger things that could end up being career ending things. She made the point that the business owes us nothing and will continue on after us just as it did before us and before them and so forth. You have to take care of you, Wrestling will not do that for you. And she was right...

This industry always presses the idea of time. You only have so much time. You only have so many matches. You only have so many opportunities. You only have so many bumps on the proverbial bump card. If you are gone someone will replace you. It's a physical wrestling rat race if you will. Race here. race there. Do this crazy spot. Shake this many hands. Wear this. Become friends with so-and-so for that. And it goes on and on and on. Perform while injured because you can handle the pain as it is at that time. Perform while injured or people will think you aren't tough and don't love this as much as them...a lot of times many competitors you know and love are performing and competing while injured because of that fear of losing their spot. Losing their momentum. Being replaced. Unbooked. Losing income. That fear leads to some pretty bad decisions.

It's those aforementioned questionable decisions that many of us are guilty of. Whether it be concussion, broken noses, bruised ribs, broken wrists, fractured ankles, bruised orbital bones, etc., you name it! We’ve seen it! And we've probably been on the receiving end of it! And I think that those stigmas negatively affect not only the physical health of stars in the industry but also their mental health as well. And its this cycle that I want to see come to an end for the betterment of everyone. For the betterment of the stars now and the future stars being inspired by stars of the past and present. Perhaps maybe we can turn the page and lead the way to a better healthier industry both inside and out for the stars and the fans alike. New and better health practices and safety measures for the longevity of superstars whether past, present, on the cusp, current, and future.

And most of all actions like what Killer Kelly did who openly opted to fix what she needed fixed. Killer Kelly who identified a change that only she could recognize within herself, a condition in its infancy and opt to take care of it responsibly. I think the more superstars who demonstrate these senses of responsibility, accountability, gumption, and self-love, the more likely we'll break this negative repeating cycle of taking care of ourselves last and our bookings first. Of putting our bodies last on the list of priorities we need to maintain and take care of. And furthermore, I think actions such as hers and the example she set will lead to longer, healthier, more prosperous fulfilling careers in this industry that we all know and love. And lastly but I think even more important, actions like Killer Kelly's could and will lead to better lives after wrestling is done. Cheers to Killer Kelly and to her health. Here's to her coming back bigger, better, stronger, and even more determined than ever to get to the top of WWE NXT UK. And here's to the people that I hope will follow her example defining a paradigm shift in how we take care of ourselves as televised Pro Athletes and the lives we deserve when we make the immensely important transition from Pro Athletes to life after Pro Wrestling.

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