TAELER: Kris Statlander Rises Up AEW Rankings To Challenge The DMD Era in AEW

It's no secret that All Elite Wrestling is now synonymous with three letters other than AEW. Ya'll know them well - D M D. As one of the first women officially signed to AEW, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD., has risen to the top in the company and has grown into the AEW Superstar seen today. She's become a valued pillar that began to hold up the division and provided a source of support during their time of growth. A role that mutually suited Britt Baker just as much as it benefitted the division as a whole. Much to the chagrin of her haters, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD., has played an integral part in the elevation of the AEW Women's Division. As Baker grew as a performer so too did the division. And in doing so, she proved her worth 10x. All of which ultimately proved the concept of the AEW Women's Division from a business perspective and therefore opened doors for other ladies to earn their own opportunities as Baker herself did. or to her

Britt Baker succeeded in doing what none before her had accomplished - she defeating the former AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida. Effectively dethroning the longest reigning AEW Champion in the evolving history of the company. Britt Baker has since used her innate skills to keep a tight grasp on her shiny new AEW Women's Championship. Her hold on the title has yet to be called into question or put in jeopardy. And with good reason she seemingly has no intention of loosening her hold on the belt anytime soon if she has anything to say about it. Whether Red Velvet, Hikaru Shida, or Thunder Rosa, The Doctor is in and she's not phased.

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One such woman who has benefitted from opportunities presented by their proven concept is fellow AEW Women's Star Kris Statlander. Pro Wrestling's favorite Galaxy Stuntwoman, in my mind, has made the ultimate Cinderella comeback story. After suffering what for some could have been a career-ending injury, Kris Statlander in record time made a full recovery. Through the rehabilitation for her injury, to studying her AEW counterparts on T.V., passion for her craft, and determination to succeed, all lent legitimate motivation for her to make a swift and powerful comeback in record time! Statlander's injury served as a moral compass as she prepared for her return to in ring action in AEW. And comeback she did! Kris Statlander found her way back to AEW with vengeance. Singular focus to make up for lost time and missed opportunities. To right wrongs she saw weekly on AEW programming in the division that she herself was proud to represent as the first female graduate of Create A Pro Wrestling School. And through her own perseverance she rose up through the AEW Rankings one bout at a time to become the new number one contender challenging Dr. Britt Baker, DMD., for the coveted AEW Women's World Championship.

To say there's no love lost between these two women would be putting it mildly. While Kris Statlander was home dealing with her own obstacles in the way of her dream, Britt Baker was rising up in AEW with what some would say were questionable means. Whether by Rebel, her crutch, extra hands, interferences, dastardly deeds…none of which were palatable for Kris Statlander watching from home and waiting for opportunity to even the score. And now, that time has finally come. Kris Statlander has never been more ready to challenge Britt Baker for the pinnacle seat at the top of the AEW Women's Division. Sporting shiny AEW gold around her waist...? Well, as the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold. Just desserts and all that. And for Statlander, this match against the AEW Women's World Champion has been a long time coming.

After a timely interference by Statlander, coming to the aid of Red Velvet on AEW Dynamite, amidst a beat down courtesy of Britt Baker by way of Jamie Hayter and Rebel, Kris Statlander proved that she is in fact woman enough to stand up against Britt Baker. Statlander couldn't be more ready to represent hers fans at All Out making a stand against Baker's tyrannical hold on the women's division. Aiming to end the DMD era in AEW. Kris Statlander versus Dr. Britt Baker, DMD…don't miss these two fierce competitors clash in the ring for the AEW Women's World Championship at AEW All Out on September 5th!

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