TAELER: Lady Shani Makes History In Winning Womens Triplemania XXVIII Cup

This past weekend was the highly anticipated AAA Triplemania XXVIII event held in the legendary Mexico City Arena in Mexico. Triplemania is the premiere flagship PPV of AAA otherwise known as Triple A. After being postponed from earlier this year due to the pandemic, AAA hosted it's biggest yearly PPV show. The twenty eighth official Triplemania. The event hosted numerous matches filled with incredible memories and performances. A standout for me however was the Triplemania Women's Cup.

Until this Triplemania, there was no Women's Cup. This year out of necessity and credibility fans world-wide witnessed the first ever Triplemania Women's Cup. Tremendous! The need arose after the current reigning Reina De Reinas Champion in her third reign, Taya Valkyrie wasn't able to travel to Mexico City due to travel restrictions. Valkyrie currently holds the only Women's Championship Title in AAA and has successfully coveted that title since September 2019. She ties Faby Apache, Sexy Star, and Tiffany with three reigns as Reina De Reinas Champion.

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One thing I've been extremely vocal about has been my own professional appreciation for Mexico's lengthy history and tradition within Lucha Libre. And AAA's Women's Division is no exception to the high standard and calibre upheld by respect and tradition. So not featuring their Division in 2020 was unacceptable to AAA and I wholeheartedly agree. I hold in high esteem the work ethics of Lady Shani, Faby Apache, Lady Maravilla and numerous others. And clearly so does AAA. And thus where necessity met credibility the Women's Triplemania Cup was born. Afterall, if these Luchadoras hadn't fought teeth, nails, blood, sweat, tears, and broken bones as hard as the men for decades, they wouldn't have the respect they've earned nor the trust from AAA to be put in such a prodigious and highly sought after spot on the biggest show of the year. Hence the aforementioned meeting of necessity and credibility…

With that said, the ladies laid it all on the line holding nothing back. Triplemania XXVIII was like no other. Each lady entered the ring with the understanding that the winner of this royal rumble style match would win not only the trophy cup, but also would earn a potential number one contender spot for the Reina De Reinas Title, and most especially her very own irrevocable spot in AAA history!

The first two Luchadoras to begin the match and subsequently the roller coaster of a story were rightly so, the women to finish it - Lady Shani and Lady Maravilla. Lady Shani squared off with Lady Maravilla to begin the Women's Cup and they were indeed the ladies who finish it. Lady Shani made history as the first woman to win the first ever Triplemania Women's Cup! Shani is an impeccable example of putting in hard work to hone a craft. Passion to knowingly head to war in the ring. Incredible talent. An absolutely amazing Luchadora. A mother to root for and certainly be proud of. Shani and Maravilla went to war in the Triplemania Women's Cup and I was immensely elated to see Lady Shani's hand raised in victory. I'd welcome those ladies in the ring any day!

The ladies of AAA put on one heck of a show for Triplemania XXVIII. Shani, although winning, didn't have much time to celebrate her victory before being attacked. But ever the fighter, she was not deterred. With Faby Apache and Hades coming unsuccessfully to her aid, we saw alliances born as Flammer, Ivy, and Maravilla tried to extinguish the flame ignited by Lady Shani's victory.

I believe as 2020 ends and 2021 begins, Lady Shani will be looking towards Taya Valkyrie and the Reina De Reinas Championship Title. That faceoff could see Lady Shani embarking on potentially her third reign as Reina De Reinas Champion. A title run that would inevitably add Shani's name to the list of Luchadoras with three runs as Reina De Reinas Champion in AAA. Valkyrie, Apache, Tiffany and Sexy Star all amassed 3 runs which would be a five way tie. If successful, Lady Shani would not only make history as the first Women's Cup Winner, dethrone the current Champion to become a 3x Reina De Reinas Champion, she could also aim to successfully supercede Taya Valkyrie and become the longest reigning Reina De Reinas Champion.

Taking to social media, the Triplemania Women's Cup winner, Lady Shani, proved as I so redundantly say, 'all you need is love, guts, and gumption.' Shani's statement was impeccably candid, honest, and heartfelt as she said, "It is easy to give thanks when things we receive are good or positive. However, also be grateful for those tests that life has put on the road for you. Only from tests do you learn and grow. Thanks to all the people who motivate me and believe in me every day…" A lesson I might add that we all can learn from and be inspired by. Congratulations to AAA on an amazing event, to the ladies for rising to the challenge delivering history, and to Lady Shani for making history…

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