TAELER: Lana And Naomi Get a Title Shot

With the Royal Rumble PPV come and gone, new stars challenge the status quo in order to rise. As an avid Tag Team Wrestling fan and fellow wrestler, I couldn't be happier to see the WWE put forth more focus on it's Women's Tag Team Division. As WWE Superstars embark on the road to Wrestlemania the time is indeed now. It's absolutely vital to gain momentum now at this time…

With the biggest WWE PPV of the year in sight the prospect of performing at Wrestlemania is fueling more competition. With this comes a renewed sense of purpose. A career sort of do or die pressure. A pressure that slowly weighs down on the shoulders of WWE Superstars. A grasp the opportunity now and run with it attitude are necessary. Especially when there's no guarantee that it'll come again. A desire to challenge the status quo. To be recognized. To not miss out on being a part of the flagship WWE PPV.

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One of the hugest frustrations in the life of a WWE Superstar besides online bullying/critiques are either being stuck with a terrible gimmick/storyline or being completely underutilized. Which one is more brutal depends on who you ask. However, the one thing that's certain are that both are undeniably unenviable. And most assuredly can lead to irreversible damage to the value of the WWE Superstar going forward. And that leads to the topic of this Fightful Article - Naomi and Lana.

With the reinvigorated Tag Team Division gaining more steam worthy of its prestige new teams begin to emerge. All vying for those beautiful illustrious tag titles. Immediately following the Royal Rumble was Raw and the PPV aftermath. Monday Night Raw featured a Triple Threat Tag Team match. The winning team receiving a number one contender spot to challenge for the tag titles. Entering this bout, for me at least, there was one key team missing. In my opinion, this triple threat should have been a Four Corners Tag Team Gauntlet Match. This would allow for Riott Squad, an established and highly favored tag team to be in the mix. And rightly so. Picture my vision for a second. Riott Squad vs. Asuka/Flair vs. Sexy Muscle Friends vs. Naomi and Lana…

Regardless, these ladies are all on fire. Immensely talented. And ofcourse worthy of T.V time. I'm absolutely excited to see them all earning their deserved T.V. time. As it would unfold on Raw, the former Tag Champs Asuka and Charlotte Flair would go up against Sexy Muscle Friends Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke who would also go up against Naomi and the returning Lana in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match. As I predicted in a different Fightful Article, Lana's return into the Tag Team foray was imminent. And I'm elated to see her paired with Naomi.

Naomi and Lana have each had their turn being underutilized and underestimated. Naomi's absence from T.V., and storylines has been noted by the WWE Universe on many occasions. So seeing them rise above together and deliver in spite of adversity is impressive and should inspire. The duo was vibing on a whole new level together. A charismatic energy that was indicative of their off screen friendship. They possessed a winning level that would ultimately see them capitalize on a distraction from Lacy Evans and Ric Flair to beat Asuka, Charlotte Flair, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke. That ravishing glow shining through Raw would place the brand new team of Naomi and Lana in the highly sought after number one contender position.

Naomi and Lana will go on to challenge the new 2x WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. The Champions while backstage on Raw carefully watched the Triple Threat Tag Match with a fierce attention to detail. They meticulously studied the competition as the match umfolded. After reclaiming their Tag Titles at the Royal Rumble by defeating Asuka and Charlotte Flair, Jax and Baszlerclearly weren't taking any chances. Their prime focus being to keep those coveted titles firmly attached to their waists. To continue their reign of dominance that was originally interrupted by The Raw Women's Champion Asuka and her Tag partner Charlotte Flair.

This dynamic between Jax and Baszler is one that of all people, Lana knows all too well. After successfully eliminating Nia Jax in the Women's Royal Rumble, Lana is one step closer to vindication. Battling her way up from the bottom. Going to training. Learning on the road. Overcoming the odds. Week after week. Facing her bullies head on. Squaring off with adversity and learning to rise in the face of it. Now with Naomi on her side the two will go head to head with the 2x WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

Naomi has been an excellent example of a resilient WWE Superstar. She's remained ready. Poised and composed for the moment her next opportunity came her way. She's waited a long time as per my aforementioned points. Naomi is a good role model for a PG company while as being an entertaining star on WWE's reality T.V show Total Divas. And much more than that she's now going to prove her worth. Her in ring talent. Her mic skills. Her charisma. And not the least, her tenacity as she along with Lana challenges for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Titles. 2021 is looking up for both ladies. Titles within grasp and so close to Wrestlemania. Get ready for that ravishing glow shining through your screens!

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