TAELER: Lashing Out On 205 Live: Lash Legend Sets The Tone For Her Own Promising WWE Career

While some may question the wisdom of WWE as of late, I'm of the opinion that there have been some possibly overlooked highlights that when put together, they give a promising nod to the whole picture slowly being assembled. A nod if you will to the future of the WWE and more specifically of women's wrestling in WWE. The company's renewed interest in highlighting Liv Morgan for example. Or for instance Naomi's return to Smackdown, the brand that arguably gave her the most successes in WWE. Bianca Belair's character reaching new heights by working with more experienced fantastic opponents to lift her up. The in ring return of Sasha Banks. Mandy Rose returning to NXT. And the list goes on...

Yes this is all pure conjecture. Yes this can be up to individual interpretation. Yes you are allowed to have favorite WWE Superstars. Yes you're allowed to like different styles. Yes to all of that as we are all entitled to our own opinions and tastes for different flavors of ice cream. However, with that acknowledged, I'll point out that I'm specifically approaching this angle from the stance of a woman in Pro Wrestling with a background in business and as a published author. All of which lends credence to the way I aim to write this and brings me to the subject of this piece - Lash Legend!

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I was able to catch the debut match of Lash Legend versus Amari Miller on 205 Live. To say I'm impressed with these ladies is a majorly understated sentiment. Both competitors in my opinion represent the promising future of the WWE women's divisions across the brands under the WWE umbrella. Not everyone gets to boast a successful debut, and yet, that's exactly what Lash Legend did! She is officially 1-0 in the WWE books with a win over Amari Miller.

Lash Legend was light on her feet. Her movements purposeful and fluid which is big for WWE. No deer in the headlights stares. When catching Amari mid-air, Lash was solid and firm. Her strength and athleticism were on full display. As was her charisma! She was powerful and agile. All while showcasing her own finesse and mannerisms with style. She showed no overly visible signs of nerves or studder steps. Good camera awareness. She was calm and didn't rush her transitions. She chose her crowd interactions wisely. Lastly, Lash exhibited no blatant detrimental wasted motion, an impossibly pricey mistake when trying to hit times for TV.

I feel Lash Legend is a perfect example of the excellently honed eye for talent brought about by the WWE machine. As well as the training done at the WWE performance center. (Some may find that statement ridiculous, remember, WWE's majority target audience/business structure differs from other companies.) And as far as Lash Legend, from her entrance to her key debut win, there's very little I'd change. Very few and then this incredible talent will be polished. I said it and I stand by it! Within the next year or so I see Lash Legend being a mainstay on the NXT roster almost ready to transition to Raw or Smackdown rosters which is telling by her dedication and passion for what she's doing.

As a pro, anyone knows, getting a tired audience to be invested with and participate in your match is not so easy to do and these ladies did exactly that. That to me is amazing to see. Stellar even. It makes me excited to watch all that they will accomplish in the years to come if they stick with it in WWE. 205 Live was all about it and honestly so was I. In Lash Legend, I saw her own tweaks with shades of TNA Knockout Sojo Bolt, WWE legend Jazz, and current WWE Superstar Naomi. Lash Legend has the attitude and the versatility to back it up. The best combination if you ask me. Hence WWE's headline: "Lashing Out and Bashing In..."

All in all, as you can tell I'm immensely passionate about Pro Wrestling and Sports Entertainment and the creation of new Superstars. Seeing up-and-coming stars like Lash Legend bring all they've got into this industry is something I'll always be here for. In the next year you'll be hearing the name Lash Legend much more frequently as she certainly made a statement and cemented her position as a forward trajectory within the company. Cheers to her successful debut match and to many more wins as she continues to grow into her fullest potential as a future WWE Superstar! She will prove to be an integral part of the very promising future of women's wrestling in WWE. Stay tuned and share your thoughts with us here at fightful.com!

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