TAELER: A Look At The Rock As Black Adam

Over the last few weeks, anticipation has been growing at a steady pace as teasers hit social media regarding the newest DC Comics endeavor - filming Black Adam! Filming is set to begin any day now and headlining the film and thus bringing the antihero icon to life is none other than Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. From news sites to trending on Twitter and most recently Instagram, comic book fans have gotten a distinct vibe for the character and the film. I'm actually quite excited to see this character come to the big screen, so to speak, and cannot really picture anyone other than The Rock bringing this complex character to life.

Originating from the Golden Age of comics, Black Adam had some humble beginnings when debuting in the 1940s with Fawcett Comics. Its subsequent disappearance until its revival in the 1970s allowed for a refocus effort in the Bronze Age of comics. This revival added new depth to the character. Many years later, after it's rights were purchased by DC Comics, Black Adam was once again reinvigorated by visionary writers and creators like Geoff Johns. Black Adam forever became a notoriously multilayered conflicted and somewhat misunderstood at one time villain on a mission to clear his name and thus becoming an infamous antihero of epic proportions. The changes emerging in the 21st century, in my opinion, really added a new human element to Black Adam. Conflicting emotion each pulling in different directions with varying results that ultimately have irrevocable repercussions. It's this in which I think that makes Black Adam more relatable on a subconscious level to the DC Comics readers over the decades.

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For some perspective, for those who are casual fans of comics who aren't necessarily well versed in the realm of comic books, let's provide some context to the character of whom Dwayne Johnson is gearing up to represent on the big screen in Hollywood. Black Adam first appeared to readers in 1945 almost a full twenty years before the iconic Poison Ivy character made her first appearance in the DC Universe in 1966 in Batman #181. Black Adam made his first appearance only five years after the iconic arch nemesis of Superman - Lex Luthor, who first appeared in Action Comics in 1940. One year later, in 1941, both Wonder Woman and Aquaman made their respective debuts. Both mainstream characters in the DC Universe.

The golden age of comics sketched some of the most iconic characters that are currently gracing your T.V. screens, T-shirts, cell phones, and every other such thing. Black Adam is a project that has long been in the making and provides a brand new opportunity for The Rock to expand upon his fame and trust equity by bringing a realism and a sense of embodiment to the character as DC Comics takes the character from the pages and into motion pictures. I am very excited to see Black Adam portrayed by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. The mystique surrounding the character as well as his reputation from the Justice League to the Injustice League and his origins in Ancient Egypt provide a very interesting backdrop.

I first saw Black Adam represented in an episode of a DC animated show that I love called - Young Justice. The episode 'Revelation' showed Black Adam as a member of the Injustice League. I'm very curious to see which route DC Writers take in bringing Black Adam to life with his conflicted personality that also possesses a key sense of realism in his depth as a semi corrupt antihero and his clashes with the Marvel family. Regardless of the direction, I believe I can safely say that, whether casual or die-hard DC Comics fan, the movie is a must see come 2022 with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson starring as Black Adam.

I'll leave you the readers with a quote posted from The Rock's own Black Adam script post on Instagram as it perfectly captures the indelible essence behind the infamous DC Comics on again off again antihero… "Well, I'd love to tell wear a rainbow every day. And tell the world that everything's okay. But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back. Till things are brighter…I'm the Man In Black.

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