TAELER: Looking Back At The Lumber Jack-O-Lantern Match From Halloween Havoc

Okay let's just say this as a matter of fact and get it out of the way, MSK is a killer tag team and in my opinion after being on numerous shows with them, I can say with complete earnestness that they earned their WWE contracts ten-fold. When looking back excitedly over WWE NXT's second annual Halloween Havoc, I do think that this NXT Tag Team Title bout should have been the kickoff for the main card instead of the Scareway to Hell Ladder Match. And this is not said in hate, it's a simple matter of building a card from start to finish with a certain vibe. An energy that gets the crowd going and sets the tome for the rest of the show leading to the main event. And true to their reputation, MSK was nothing short of entertaining with an infectious innate energy all their own that is contagious to fans in the WWE Universe.

In my opinion as a woman in wrestling and as a writer, I feel this was the start Halloween Havoc needed. This jump-start. This speed. This energy. This feud has the makings of being one of the best possible openers for an event of this nature. And of course as any NXT fan knows, Imperium versus MSK never disappoints. These two teams feed off of each other in such a stellar way. So much so that it often appears effortless as they work seamlessly together telling phenomenal stories in the NXT ring. Add to that chemistry the introduction of lumberjacks and you have the potential for a wicked masterpiece worthy of a show named Halloween Havoc with a reputation from WCW that predates my generation in Pro Wrestling.

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Overall, the teams brought it all and performed one heck of a match! Odd considering their match had somewhat less attention and build up than several others, and yet it was one of the highlights in my opinion. I gave this match a A-. I think had this bout gone first, that would have been a great sweet spot for the ladies of the Scareway to Hell Ladder match to follow. Two different vibes with different styles of brutality and violence. You want high energy to start out your show getting the crowd revved up. Starting the show with brutality I think worked against the ladies, but in the end I did give that match a solid B because they also performed their hearts out and represented their division well! Now that that point is made I will turn focus back to MSK versus Imperium. Okay, while yes, it may have been surprising, I do think Imperium's win at Halloween Havoc was timed well by WWE.

Imperium coming out victorious over MSk in a title bout was a welcome shift in the NXT 2.0 landscape and will eventually lead to even more character development for MSK. Both tag team divisions in NXT needed a little shaking up. Now with new champions, new match ups can take place, and new opportunities will arise just as NXT has fully committed itself to its own transition into NXT 2.0. This will not be the end of Wes Lee and Nash Carter. Thus far in WWE they've both done remarkably well. This will now be the pivotal time that will allow the duo to continue to grow with the WWE Universe without getting overused or stale. An impeccable opportunity for each to show how immensely talented they truly are with or without titles and fight their way back up into the championship conversations and using their own talent to elevate others right along with them. And with that, your new Men's NXT Tag Team Champions, Imperium!

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