TAELER: Looking At The TBS Championship Tournament

As 2021 comes to a close we can anticipate all the things we hope to 2022 bring. For the women in AEW, the TBS Championship Title is at the forefront of those hopes. To be the first. To make history as the first ever woman to hold the TBS Title. What a way to start out a new year! Not many get to be the first at anything, but I know for sure that when you are blessed to be the first, it is your duty to ensure you are not the last. Now that may sound funny with reference to a championship title whose main objective is to remain champion. But there is always a reason and a deeper meaning behind the things I say and write. Of that I promise you…

With the continuation of the TBS Championship Tournament we are seeing stars emerge. We are seeing who wants it more. We are seeing skills put to the test. Boundaries pushed. Limits reached. Emotions running a muck. Competition at its finest! The woman who earn the right to call herself the first ever TBS Women's Champion will have the sole responsibility of representing the zenith of the division. The top of the top. The golden standard of AEW on TBS. As I often refer to it, the pinnacle seat of the division. That woman will be a highlight for the rest of the division as it transitions to TBS. She will need to carry, bring attention to, and prove the value. She will need to boost ratings, push the envelope, and provide new opportunities for others. A failed champion could lead to a failed concept and a canceled division. And that is what I mean when I say that that woman who will be the first TBS Champion will need to ensure she is not the last.

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This tournament is providing a unique glimpse into the stars who call the AEW Women's Division home. In my opinion this tournament was perfectly timed and will keep the division from going stale. Thus far Ruby Soho and Hikaru Shida have advanced into the quarterfinals. They will meet and square off with Kris Statlander and Nyla Rose. At this time we are still waiting on the first brackets to reveal their winners. The Bunny versus Red Velvet. Anna Jay versus Jamie Hayter. And waiting in the quarterfinals are Thunder Rosa and Jade Cargill. Thunder Rosa will be meeting the winner of Anna Jay versus Jamie Hayter, and Jade Cargill will be meeting the winner The Bunny versus Red Velvet.

A few moving pieces here could play some vital roles in the overall outcome and winner of the TBS Championship Tournament. The Bunny and Penelope Ford have become a malicious duo that have been working pretty well together. With Ford suffering the loss to Ruby Soho, this frees up Ford to potentially interfere in The Bunny's bout with Red Velvet, or even exacting revenge against Soho in her quarterfinals match against Statlander, or both. The Bunny does have quite a few years of experience over Red Velvet. However, Red Velvet has been on a pretty big winning streak with very few losses and she recently came to the aid of Ruby Soho. So it stands to reason that both Ford and Soho could factor into The Bunny versus Red Velvet with the winner taking on Jade Cargill. Will experience win the day? Will it be a numbers game? Or will Velvet's upward trajectory continue with her advancing to the quarterfinals?

Hikaru Shida has certainly been a tough competitor for most to beat in AEW. Her recent dealing with Serena Deeb not withstanding. However, the viciously sadistic attack on Shida by Deeb after her loss to Shida was a whole new level of aggression most aren't used to seeing from Serena Deeb. At best Shida is 100% cleared and in top competition shape. Worst case scenario, Hikaru Shida received a performance hindering injury at the hands of Deeb that will easily be exploited by Nyla Rose to advance herself into the semifinals.

Anna Jay versus Jamie Hayter will be interesting. While both are young in their careers, they both show unique promise that speaks to their dedication and passion for their craft. Both are personally linked to the current bid for the AEW Women's World Championship Title currently held by Britt Baker and being challenged by the number one contender Tay Conti. Jamie Hayter has proven to be an extremely valuable insurance policy for Baker as she has both Rebel and Hayter in tow. Tay Conti has been in the race for AEW gold from the moment she set foot in AEW and it has eluded her. This could be the opportunity she's been waiting for. But first, her best friend Anna Jay will need to beat Jamie Hayter creating a rift within the trio. If Anna Jay successfully beats Jamie Hayter she will then square off with another competitor with more experience by way of Thunder Rosa. Again, will experience prove too much for the novice competitor? Or will hunger and passion rule the day and advance Anna Jay?

Overall this is a very fun tournament to watch. And it's a most advantageous time to be signed to AEW in my opinion. There are a few women that I see making it to the semifinals. I definitely predict Ruby Soho advancing and I predict Thunder Rosa advancing. To me that's a no-brainer They are women that people want to see and who the fans believe in. While yes there will be a loser and winner, I think that if Thunder Rosa versus Ruby Soho is the final match up for the TBS Championship then we are all winners. Boom! There. I said it and I stand by it! It will be interesting to see who AEW deems worthy of becoming the first ever TBS Champion. Tune in to AEW programming as the competition all vie for the chance to advance in the TBS Championship Tournament to become the first ever TBS Women's Champion!

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