TAELER: Looking At Why Edge's Royal Rumble Return Isn't A Surprise One

In recent news, WWE Superstar Edge reappeared on WWE T.V. and announced himself as an entrant in the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble. Making his first appearance since Backlash 2020, The Rated R Superstar candidly opened up to the WWE Universe. With the Royal Rumble within reach, Edge made clear his desire to once again claim the World Heavyweight Championship Title. With such a big announcement so close to the PPV, fans are wondering, why such a lackluster reveal? And why now?

There is no doubt that Edge is one of the most beloved WWE Superstars of his generation. Edge's return to the WWE was a dream. A rise from retirement. A dream any WWE Superstar could possibly hope for. It would see Edge as a surprise entrant in the 2020 Royal Rumble - arguably pop of the night! As his music echoed through the arena, he hadn't missed a beat and fans world-wide were taken aback with cumulative shocked elation.

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Since his absence due to injury in 2020, Edge's presence now is actually perfect timing. It provides several key reasons for its timed advantages. With less than a few short days until this PPV airs Edge's announcement adds trending value and more attention to the crowdless PPV. Remember, in business, eyeballs equal money. More viewers more money. More viewers more power. More eyeballs more opportunity. More opportunities more jobs. It's that simple.

Edge provides a draw worthy pull as we make the final trek towards the PPV. The announcement adds more buzz, credibility, and interest all in one announcement. With the recent deal brokered between Peacock and the WWE, this is positive buzz to add symbiotic traction benefiting both companies. Edge's story is something casual and diehard fans alike can get behind. So with a legend like Edge announcing his intent on WWE T.V., and so close to the day, it actually sets him up to be a fan favorite. More specifically a fan favorite to potentially win. A comeback story of epic proportions regardless of him not being a surprise. It has the ability to put him back into the title foray which as Edge himself said was his goal - the World Heavyweight Championship Title.

Fans wouldn't experience Edge as a surprise in the Rumble with the same sentiment achieved the year before. And to be honest how much of a surprise is the same surprise two years in a row? And the second without a live in house crowd? So it makes sense that Edge would wait and announce himself. An announcement coming at such a time as he's cleared to return to in ring competition. All leading to the question of who is the big surprise this year…?

With Edge now officially in the Royal Rumble he'll also embark on the road to Wrestlemania. I imagine as he does this he'll cross paths with another highly favored WWE Superstar. Among the most voted fan predictions for the final four in the Men's Royal Rumble was Daniel Bryan. Edge uniquely boasts experience from Royal Rumbles in several decades. Spanning marginally more successful eras within the WWE. While on the other hand Daniel Bryan boasts a WWE Royal Rumble record previously held by WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio until superceded by Bryan.

Both men have passion to burn. The experience to draw from. The star power. And both men have survived the unimaginable and unenviable experience of a career being cut short. The nightmare of life after your dream. The self doubt. The looming questions. The what's next? What do I do when I can't do what I love anymore? The heartbreaking position of your career ending without your permission or say in the matter.

In my opinion both Edge and Daniel Bryan personify what it means to see odds stacked against you and decide you deserve better. To decide you've earned better. No matter how long it takes, to do what you need to heal and make it back to crush those odds. Odds be damned. They are indicative of my philosophy that you are not defined by your circumstances. You define your own circumstances. The can'ts won'ts and don'ts of your life and how you choose what they stand for. I can't give up on me. I won't allow others to define me or my success. I don't quit when it comes to my dream…

Without question, this strategic move by the WWE adds more value to the crowdless PPV amidst a pandemic and recent merger. Will we see a clash between Daniel Bryan and Edge? Will Edge win the Rumble to build himself up to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Will Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble instead? Will Drew McIntyre retain his coveted World Championship Title to go on and face Edge? Will Randy Orton seek permanent damage to Edge or will he have his hands full with The Fiend? Will we see the ultimate comeback stories triumphing over adversity with Edge and Daniel Bryan? Tune in to the Royal Rumble PPV live this Sunday January 31st!

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