TAELER: Mandy Rose And Dana Brooke's Friendship On Display On Chasing Glory

On a recent episode of Lilian Garcia's hit podcast, 'Chasing Glory,' Lilian sits down with bffs and WWE Tag Team Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. I'm a huge advocate of Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory. I love the candid heartfelt vibe. Lillian does an impressive job with allowing people the freedom to open up with a sense of comfortability. The atmosphere created helps guests approach the idea of being vulnerable to the masses. Vulnerable enough to open up in a somewhat safe space. Chasing Glory essentially helps stars find their own ways to peel back the proverbial layers so that we can see deep inside what makes them individuals and not just the stars you see on Instagram or WWE programming.
When I was approached with the opportunity to do my own podcast, "Talks with Taeler Hendrix," I was thoroughly and wholeheartedly inspired by Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory. My inspiration grew with my own vision and experiences. And to be honest, this episode is no different in the struggle to help make yourself and the world a better place. In this episode of Chasing Glory, you'll see two WWE Superstars with modeling and Fitness backgrounds go into candid detail on the misconceptions that are missed when you simply scroll through social media, like Instagram for example.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke will discuss appearances and how from the outside looking in, it would seem that they're living their best lives. And while they are living the dream, a dream of millions of people from around the world, there's still so much more to it than that. A point I've made with complete redundancy on my own podcast and blog. They'll talk about pressure and mental health. The ups and downs. The highs and lows. Learning to take it and use it to make it. To come back better, smarter, and stronger. Lilian stresses the ultimate point, no matter who you are or your existential circumstances, no one is exempt…

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Dana Brooke in earnest has faced her fair share of hate. And she'll go into detail on trying to always be improving. Not yet reaching her peak but still striving for excellence. How there's always room to grow and get better. Continuing to learn while growing. This in my opinion was so indicative of the point I made this past week on Twitter, "you're allowed to be both a work in progress and an inspiration to others…" And it's TRUE.

This episode gives you a completely different side to Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke that I'm immensely happy to see. I'm a firm believer in getting people to honestly engage in these tough conversations so as to be a part of some one else's survival guide some day. You'll never know how many people felt truly alone until they heard your story and felt less alone and more able to strive for their dreams. Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia is like a bright freshly cleaned window giving you an excellent view of the aspects Instagram doesn't show.

How true perfection isn't looking symmetrical. True perfection is as I say, "love, guts, and gunption." Self love to accept yourself with all your strengths and flaws. Self love to believe in yourself even when others cannot. Guts to go after your dreams. Guts to bet on yourself. Guts to cheer for yourself in the silence. Gumption to pick yourself up after you fall. Gumption to weather the negative storm. Gumption to see those dreams through. Do yourself a favor and check out episodes of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia for free on the WWE Network! Your point of view, your curiosity, outlook on the world and yourself, as well as your mental health will all thank you! I look forward to more episodes myself…

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