TAELER: Mayu Iwatani Set Make Third Wrestle Kingdom Appearance

In my opinion, of the multitude of things that could be said about Mayu Iwatani, none are negative! From a business perspective I think many would agree with me that Iwatani is the exact kind of company go-to you want to rely on representingyour company. She is an impeccable locker room leader. A great competitor to perform with and against. A stand out performer entirely without artifice and ulterior motives. She has more than earned her title as STARDOM's ace as she led the company through one of the hardest times in the joshi company's history, not to mention in subsequently the world as the pandemic hit unannounced and without warning.

Mayu Iwatani saw STARDOM through several shocking retirements of immensely talented wrestlers. She forged on in the face of the irrevocably tragic loss of Hana Kimura. And she gracefully passed the proverbial torch without ego to up-and-coming star Utami Hayashishita. From 500 people to over 40,000, Mayu Iwatami has always delivered with style, heart, soul, and tons of entertainment will debuting talents and veterans alike. Thus proving exactly why she is The "Ace" of STARDOM!

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And with that said it is no surprise that STARDOM would have their ace present in their representation on this year's Wrestle Kingdom - Wrestle Kingdom 16! Iwatani will in fact be making her third Wrestle Kingdom appearance, and while I have not fact checked this yet, I think she may be the first woman to wrestle as such and if this is the case then we'll done Mayu Iwatani! A true icon at twenty eight years young!

The ten year STARDOM veteran made her first key Wrestle Kingdom appearance and Wrestle Kingdom 14 in 2019 prior to the onset of the pandemic. She returned in 2020 and will be making her highly anticipated and well-deserved return at Wrestle Kingdom 16 which is historic in and of itself as the first ever three night Wrestle Kingdom spectacular with STARDOM featured on night two and night three reportedly hosting a NJPW versus NOAH theme.

All in all, I cannot give enough congratulations or support to NJPW, STARDOM, or Mayu Iwatani. NJPW making huge strides to ensure that STARDOM keeps a firm grasp on their legacy as a company, the history they've made, the fans they've entertained, and the competitive representation that they signify as a joshi promotion. NJPW's parent company purchasing STARDOM in order to ensure the stars receive more spotlight and more opportunities exemplifies the indelible excellence spanning years of blood, sweat, and tears from the stars of STARDOM.

Congratulations to Mayu Iwatani on her third consecutive appearance at Wrestle Kingdom! Iwatani is set for tag team competition representing STARDOM on day two of Wrestle Kingdom 16's three night event. Here's to many many more appearances for Mayu Iwatani to come and more stars from STARDOM as the relationship between NJPW and STARDOM continues to grow strong with career defining once in a lifetime dreams come true...

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