TAELER: Meiko Satomura Ends Aoife Valkyrie's Undefeated NXT UK Streak

This most recent episode of NXT UK featured an intense bout between two incredible women representing the NXT UK Women's Division. The WWE Universe tuned in for a killer NXT UK episode that promises even more competition going forward as all the women aim for the opportunity to be the next woman to challenge the self-proclaimed NXT UK Forever Champion, The Scary Queen of Scots, Kay Lee Ray. Among those hopeful competitors is the Irish Royalty herself, Aoife Valkyrie.

Barely five plus years in the business, Aoife Valkyrie has gone great lengths and amassed much for one so young and early on in her Pro Wrestling career. After signing to WWE in January 2020, Aoife Valkyrie began a impeccably well-earned track record of being undefeated in both NXT and NXT UK. From Isla Dawn to Tay Conti, Amale to Nina Samuels, and even further to Aliyah, Jessi Kamea, and Dani Luna. With this forward momentum this Irish star was already making a names for herself and creating an aura of excellence with every match. Aoife Valkyrie with this trajectory would soon find herself on NXT UK with the opportunity to square off with Japanese legend, The Final Boss, Meiko Satomura.

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Heading into this NXT UK episode, Valkyrie was undefeated and had risen to every challengers call and had come out on top. She was projected to pose a credible threat to the current NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray and her 600+ day title run. However, she'd first need to make her way through yet another obstacle, this one in the form of the twenty plus year veteran Meiko Satomura. With Satomura fresh off of defeat at the hands of a crazy emotionally fought championship bout with KLR, Satomura would be looking for redemption and worthy competition. And she found it!

The young up and coming Aoife Valkyrie put all of her experience and passion into going toe to toe with Satomura in an attempt to hold her own against the veteran. Meiko Satomura was clearly impressed with Valkyrie whose effort to combat Satomura was intense. Valkyrie laid it all out there for the NXT UK fans and for Meiko Satomura who expects nothing less from her opponents. In my opinion, this speaks to the work ethic and determination of both women who are seeking championship gold and their own legacies within the WWE.

In the end Valkyrie would fall short in her attempt to defeat Meiko Satomura. She stepped up and she stared opposition in the face. She didn't back down and she most definitely threw everything she had at The Final Boss. With that said, Valkyrie didn't leave that night with her undefeated streak in tact, but what she did leave with was immense respect. And in my eyes that's seldom given without it being deserved and therefore far more worth the earning. As emotions ran through Aoife Valkyrie as the result of the match settled in her mind and the effects coursing through her body, Meiko Satomura approached Valkyrie and lifted her up both physically and mentally as Satomura gave of herself what every young hungry talent hopes to earn from a world renowned veteran - respect. This match definitely earned Aoife Valkyrie respect. Respect from the NXT UK locker room. Respect from NXT UK fans. Respect from the WWE Universe. And of course, respect from Meiko Satomura. Will this defeat be the undoing of Aoife Valkyrie? Or will she use this experience to make her smarter, stronger, better, more calculated, more tenacious, more focused… Tune in to WWE NXT UK to find out who will rise to challenge for KLR's coveted NXT UK Women's Championship and the route Aoife Valkyrie will embark on to fully realized her potential as the future of NXT UK.

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