TAELER: Mickie James Revives The History Of Women's Wrestling Synonymous With NWA

Over the weekend NWA played host to it's first ever all-women's PPV event live from St. Louis Missouri! The event was a smashing success with fans flocking to Twitter with their comments and elation succeeding in NWA Empowerrr trending for most of the night in combat sports. NWA Empowerrr indeed followed through on their promise that it would be a must see event for fans and talent alike. And the event itself had a mission that was founded on the principle ideals of one woman and the company that saw the value in said principle ideals of that one woman. Mickie James in conjunction with NWA together in one night revived the lifeblood of the illustrious NWA Women's Division spanning more than five decades.

NWA Empowerrr as I've mentioned on Fightful.com in several articles prior, is the culmination of years of thought, heart, passion, experience, dedication, and hard work of Mickie James, whose goal is to affect positive change for the betterment of the industry as it pertains to Women's Wrestling. The very place she's lived, breathed, excelled in, and dreamed of for many many years. The principle ideal being that she aims to leave Pro Wrestling better than how she came into it. And NWA wisely provided the appropriate platform for her to do so. And with the extensive Pro Wrestling and Women's Wrestling history associated with the NWA territory from decades past, I'd say it is an excellent partnership.

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For some NWA Empowerrr lacked the WOW factor associated with a star-studded card. But in my opinion, I think that just means those people missed the primary objective of the event. The first ever NWA Empowerrr all-women's PPV event wasn't necessarily about already established television stars. The event itself in my mind was about paying homage to the cycle that goes around in the industry. The unspoken circle of one established career helping to establish another promising future career. Essentially established stars simultaneously building up themselves and using their own unique brands as superstars to build new superstars essentially keeping the industry going. The proverbial passing of the torch, but also the creation of opportunity to showcase young up-and-coming talents and giving them a platform to grow into their fullest potentials as the future of the business we're in. I feel this was the point. More spots and opportunities for more women. Leaning on each other to build the next generation better than how we came into it. The material point being equal parts: teamwork, wisdom, solidarity, entertainment, opportunity, and lasting historical competition which was what NWA was founded on.

The women of NWA in days past earned every inch of the NWA squared circle dating back to 1935. It's through their hard work and sacrifice proving women can wrestle that we should credit our progress to that we benefit from today. It's these women from NWA that ultimately brought Women's Wrestling to the WWF, and subsequently later the WWE, the same WWE that many of you the Fightful.com readers watch weekly today. I.E., Mae Young, Judy Martin, Leilani Kai, Joyce Grable, Penny Banner, Princess Victoria, Velvet McIntyre, Wendi Richter…Those women were tasked with ensuring that although they were the first, that they would not be the last…

And through Mickie James' vision, her love of Pro Wrestling, and watching NWA as a child, all of which resulted in NWA Empowerrr coming to life this weekend. Mickie James revived the NWA legacy started by those aforementioned women's wrestling legends effectively continuing the mission and respectfully paying homage to their individual struggles and triumphs that opened doors for women like Mickie James to succeed them and allow her the opportunity to fight for more. To fight for the history and the future of Women's Wrestling that originally made their home in the NWA. NWA Empowerrr was an irrevocable force of change from the past for the present leading us towards a better more promising future in the industry as female competitors. A paradigm shift that the ladies on this first ever NWA all-women's PPV certainly benefitted from and will continue to do so going forward with each and every NWA Empowerrr event. A well-deserved cheers of congratulations to NWA, Mickie James, and all the ladies who performed their hearts out with the same fortitude and fighting spirit that would make former NWA Women's Champions proud.

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