TAELER: Mr. Perfect Trending Decades Later

Legendary Pro Wrestling Star Curt Hennig known as Mr. Perfect was trending on Twitter. The trending status immediately followed WWE on Fox's Twitter asking the WWE Universe who was the best WWE Superstar to never win the WWE Championship…? I'm honestly completely and wholeheartedly elated to see tweets about Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig flooding my Twitter Timeline as I write this.

As a woman in wrestling, and not allowed to watch as a kid, I took the time to go back and watch as much as could after I started. I was drawn to an era where characters were characters. Characters had vignettes slowly introducing you to them before they'd debut. Each character's movesets were different. Their looks and characteristics were different. Their mannerisms uniquely theirs. Their promos were an entirely different level of emotion. It was a whole new world unto itself and I instantly fell in love with it.

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Mr. Perfect was a man who could do it all. He exuded an almost tangible level a pure cockiness. A sort of charismatic arrogance that was backed by his impeccable top notch passion and work ethic. He would grab you through the T.V. screen with zero chance of you wanting to change the channel. Never once did he miss hitting that damn piece of gum! Not once! His promos. His vignettes. His presence. His matches. His commentary. His knowledge. Amazing in every sense of the word. Every tape I saw, my awe grew. To this day, I hold Me. Perfect's body of work in such high esteem. To me, people like Mr. Perfect, Owen Hart, Rick Rude, Randy Savage, all era defining legends that were taken too soon. Sherri Martel, Princess Victoria, Velvet McIntyre, Leilani Kai… So many and not enough time nor do they receive their just dues in my opinion.

Having Mr. Perfect trending more than seventeen years after his death is indicative of the heart and soul he represented in this industry. Go back and watch his promos, his matches, and even his commentary. You will something new every time. One of my favorite things to do is go back in my spare time and study tape. A skill I learned from Rip Rogers at OVW. Paul Orndoff matches, Buddy Rose matches, Brian Pillman promos, the aura surrounding Psycho Sid, everything about Rowdy Roddy Piper, the pompous excellence of Ravishing Rick Rude, Buddy Rogers matches, the technique of Dean Malenko… I could go on. And on. And then on again somemore. I love wrestling…

Say what you will, but the fact is, I think my generation of Pro Wrestlers could do well to go back. To watch, study, and pay homage to the ones who paved the way for us. To see where where the business was and where it went to ultimately understand where its heading now. Mr. Perfect trending is a great addition to the ever evolving and quite unpredictable first two weeks of 2021. I know I wouldn't be the Pro Wrestler I am today had I not watched all the aforementioned stars above and more.
Their unmistakable influence deserves more recognition. Do yourself a favor and look up some Mr. Perfect matches today. You'll see why he's trending amongst other amazing athletes all these years later…

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